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Sunday, October 30, 2011


Stan Gibilisco

"What voters will be looking for next year is someone, anyone, who can steer the damn ship of state."

IMHO, of all the +electable+ Republicans now in the field, Mitt Romney's the one for that job.

Bill Fleming

Mitt Romney:

Donald Pay

The job of a President is not be to sit down with idiots and hammer out policy that won't work, and that will continue the war on the middle class and the downward trajectory that Republican policies guarantee for our country. Obama tried working with Republicans for three years. It has been a singular failure.

You are right. Americans have figured Obama out, but maybe, just maybe Obama has begun to figure out the Americans. He's begun to turn on the Republicans. It's three years too late, but it's about time.

Bill Fleming

Obama has been known to pull a rabbit out of a hat on more than one occasion.
One underestimates him and his team at one's own peril.

This will be an historic election season. Many big shoes left to drop on both sides.

Janice Woodford

You got that right he pulls a rabbit out of a bag of tricks, all the tricks in the world that he keeps pulling is getting him sent back not to the white house but back to Kenya where he belongs. You think Dick holds the name tricky Dick well Obama's title is before I'm done I'm taking down America, and he has a real good start and he wont stop till we impeach him. Just look at the stimulus money that all these CO's, are filing for bankruptcy,and if you are paying any attention there is more to come, Yes he has a hat just full of tricks but not with rabbits.


Janice, there will be no impeachment. There is no provision for incompetence. Even if we found some sort of high crimes and misdemeanors, the chances are very good he will be voted out of office in one year one week and one day. There just is not enough time to actually go through the process. Besides, would you REALLY want say President Biden??????

Anthony Renli

Janice - Let's look over your statement carefully:

Back to Keyna? Seriously? He was born in Hawaii. He is an American Citizen. If you want to go off on him being a crappy president, knock yourself out. But, you should be warned that the moment that Birther nonsense leaves your mouth, you have lost all credibility. Now I AM giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are spouting out Birther nonsense. If not, you are spouting racist garbage - talk about sending a black man back to Africa where he belongs is offensive. That actually will kill your credibility as much if not more, while at the same time turning off independents and firing up the Democrats.

As DuggerSD said, he will either be voted out next fall, in which case an impeachment just won't happen because of time OR if he is re-elected, there is still not a snowball's chance of impeachment unless he can be linked to some sort of high crime. Incompetence is not a crime. Being a crappy president is not a crime. Being serially wrong is not a crime. Even if it was nobody, and I mean NOBODY thinks that the Republican Party will pick up the 18 Senate seats that they would need to actually convict. Without that, some Democrats would have to vote to convict (figure the odds on that).


"What should President Obama do to win reelection?"

Become a Conservative Republican? What do I win?

Ken Blanchard

Donald is like one of those dolls where you pull a string and they say one of seven things. Except that Donald doesn't have seven things to say. It's more like three. Sitting down with idiots is precisely the President's job. To judge by Donald and Bill, the President has no job. He doesn't have to prepare a budget or make policy, that's for sure.

Bill Fleming

Tsk. KB. He's done quite a few things so far. Even you have given him major kudos from time to time:



Let us look at some other accomplishments:
Increased the debt by $4,000,000,000,000 +
Spent nearly $1,000,000,000,000 guaranteed to keep unemployment below 8%. So far he has peaked at 10% + and is keeping it at 9% +. When the real unemployment # is looked at, we see it around 16%.
Presided over a gun running scheme. So far at least one agent has been killed and God only knows how many civilians.
Implemented the removal of troops from Iraq negotiated by Bush.
Kept Gitmo open despite campaign promises.
Given/guaranteed funds to "green" energy companies that is going down the tubes.
Taken over two auto companies.
Forced stockholders to give up their rightful stakes in said companies.
Implemented a health care bomb that will either bankrupt the country or be repealed.
Increased the number of people depending upon the government for their handouts.
This is just off the top of my head. I think his best accomplishment will be to be a one term President.

Ken Blanchard

Okay, Bill, Obama fixed New Orleans' schools, with a little help, as I have demonstrated, from a hurricane. Good thing he didn't allow himself to be distracted by bothering to produce a budget or propose reforms to the gigantic entitlement programs in which he professes to believe.

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