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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Bill Fleming

Whatever happened to the idea of politicians telling the truth on their resumes? Rubio should have known better than this.It's the equivalent of the "birth certificate" scandal for Obama, only in this case, the evidence points to Mario being mistaken. Bonafides are either true, or they're not really bonafides, KB. No one would have questioned Livio's if he himself had not falsified them . He has only himself to blame for this.

Bill Fleming

... I suppose technically "bona fides" is not plural... oh well.

Donald Pay

I don't fault Rubio's exaggerations regarding his parents' "exile" status. Given the hate within the Republican Party, Marco was likely to be labelled an anchor baby if he hadn't had the good fortune of Castro coming to power just in time to provide him a bit of cover.

But I give him a pass on this. Rubio may not have known the whole story. The pre-revolution immigrants had a different reason for coming here than the post-revolution generation. But they may have had the same reason to not return.

I've heard several stories about why my mother's family came over from Germany and began farming in Iowa. I tell the one I think justifies my political philosophy--that they were escaping increasing militarism in Europe. It's probably a lot more complicated, or it could be a lot more simple. How knows?

Bill Fleming

I find it hard to believe he didn't know, Don. That would be asking us to believe that there was never any discussion of what life was like under the Castro regime at the Livio house while he was growing up, or later when he became an adult. But I suppose it's possible. I suppose his parents and relatives could have been lying to him all along and he just now found out about it. Seems like a stretch, but yeah, if that's the case, give him a pass.


It is the custom in some circles to vilify the "main stream media" whenever it publishes documented facts that reflect poorly on one of the conservative heroes. But Mr. Pay is right about the reasons Cubans had for emigrating to the U.S. in 1957. Dictator Batista had an alliance with the wealthy Cuban landowners and the American Mafia that, much like the current distribution of wealth and power in our country at this time, excluded 99 percent of the Cuban people from opportunity to improve their lives. My father, a career military man who had assignments relating to Cuba, tells me that Batista had a large secret police force that carried out torture, imprisonment, and executions, and was responsible for killing about 20,000 Cuban citizens--with American-supplied weapons.

If the Rubios were not among the wealthy select, they had much more to fear and leave Cuba for than Fidel Castro, whose revolution did not succeed until 1959.

Bill Fleming

Exactly, Anne. His parents fled a completely different regime, one that Castro actually ran out of power. Now that the story has been opened up, it will be interesting to hear the rest of it.

The Dude

Great article Dr. Blanchard!

Ken Blanchard

Bill: as far as I can tell, the Post comes up with only one example where Rubio clearly fibbed. In a biographical statement, he says that his parents fled Castro. Otherwise, all his statements are careful. That very fact suggests that he was deliberately padding his resume. I concede your point.

But how big a point is it? Rubio's family is genuinely part of the Cuban exile community either way. As for your question "Whatever happened to the idea of politicians telling the truth on their resumes?", well, did you vote against Obama because Biden lied about his own family history? How seriously did you take it that John Kerry fibbed a bit about events in Vietnam? Maybe we should take these things more seriously, but we don't.

Anne: thanks for your story. It confirms that Cuba was a good place to escape from even before Castro. Yes, the Batista regime was oppressive. And yes, Bill, Castro ran it out of power. He replaced it with a much more efficiently oppressive regime.


And then there is the despicable NPR: http://www.npr.org/2011/10/24/141663197/rubio-tries-to-clarify-how-his-family-left-cuba

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