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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Bill Fleming

Reminds me of the history of the Great Fire of London. Or for that matter, some of the paintings and poems I've started. Sometimes the best thing to do is just start over. Actually, I think Jefferson made that suggestion about our Constitution. It should be reconsidered with each new generation (every 20 years or so.)

Donald Pay

The problem is the population of students changed. It is a statistical artifact, not a real change.

Ken Blanchard

That's right Donald. No contrary evidence is ever real. Go to sleep.



"The problem is the population of students changed."

O.K. Fine....but that still supports the point of the post. the point is that it took and act of god to ensure less students so that structural change could happend. On that note, the secondary point being.....how many other areas are going to have the opportunity to have structual change, which is most certainly needed to fix the education system, without a Hurricane?

Donald Pay


There are so many changed variables pre- and post-Katrina that focusing on one of those changes and attributing all the change to that one variable is more like faith than science. The biggest change is that much of the low income population has not moved back.


It is wrong to attribute the devastation in New Orleans as "an act of God." Much of the devastation resulted from environmental changes attributable to humans.


Donald, do you mean like broken levees?

Donald Pay

Let's look at one variable KB doesn't see fit to mention:

"While the Orleans Parish district spent $7,877 per student in the last full school year before Hurricane Katrina, the state-run Recovery School District, which runs more of the city's schools than any other single entity, will spend, conservatively, about $12,900 per student this school year -- not including many disaster-related expenses. That's an increase of 65 percent."


So, if you put lots more money into schools, you get better results. Kind of cuts against the arguments of conservatives, doesn't it? These charter schools are spending quite a bit more than the schools were spending before Katrina. Money buys better books and equipment and better teachers. If conservatives are willing to pay teachers almost double, then they probably don't need unions. Is that what you're suggesting, KB?



"Much of the devastation resulted from environmental changes attributable to humans."

This makes me giggle! If I thought you were serious, I could hammer this idiocy into dark corner, but since you are not....Thanks for the laugh!

Donald Pay


Anyone paying attention to the environmental problems of our rivers and estuaries or the engineering problems of the Missouri and Mississippi River, which are interrelated, wouldn't be giggling. The laughter of ignorance is the laughter of a fool.

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