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Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Stan Gibilisco

So God was the snake in the Garden of Eden. Should this surprise us?


I can believe the President did not know about this. It is apparent the President does not know a lot of things. But for the Attorney General to claim no knowledge, well that is another case. I guess he gets those briefing documents, but does not read them or understand them. Already, one person, Ken Melson, has fallen on his sword over this, but booted out? Hell no! He was moved in a sideways position. I believe when this is all over, Eric Holder will be removed. But he will probably move into another Cabinet position.

George Mason

KB; Your suggestion about this program is being aimed at establishing more rigid control on gun ownership ( a direct assault on 2nd Amendment rights) follows along with statements made by Hillary Clinton over the last 2 years ("90% of guns used in murders in Mexico come from the U.S.A" (words to that effect)). It is rather surprising that CBS has pursued this as aggressively as it has, but maybe that's because the DOJ and WH people have taken to screaming and swearing at its reporters. The next question is how long will it take to file perjury charges against Holder (he was under oath when he testified). Perhaps getting rid of Holder will provide us with an AG who will protect voting rights as well as law enforcement officers.
In response to dugger: Only in government can you achieve this level of stupidity without someone being fired or thrown in jail.


Sad but true, we can only speculate on the intended purpose of this operation because the claimed purpose of "tracking the guns to the bigger fish" is preposterous in view of their having made no attempt to track them. The speculation that it was to lay a statistical basis for new gun controls and win new funding for the ATF is more plausible but still speculative.
Regardless of the true intent, in practice it is a criminal conspiracy to enable international terrorism. This is the worst scandal ever to surface in Federal Law Enforcement and the silence from the mainstream media is deafening. Remember "Watergate"? That was a third rate burglary in which nothing was stolen. "Gunwalker" is a conspiracy to violate U.S. law and international boundaries. Even the rare mention in the media is low key with no sense of outrage, like "oops, those silly boys messed up."


I doubt very much whether any of this amounts to criminality on the part of the Administration. It is just really stupid.



"I doubt very much whether any of this amounts to criminality on the part of the Administration."

The act never does....the cover up is what always gets them. Besdies.....there still seems to be room for the theory that this could be tied to an planned political attack on the Second Admendment. If that turns out to be the case.....obviously it would have came from the higher echelons of the Democratic Party.

Personally...I beleive that they were attempting to arm all the Cartels equally hoping they would all start killing each other, or hoping they would become strong enough to force the issue and bring the military option to the table.


George Mason,

Perjury? Really? C'mon now, the only way to be brought up on perjury charges for lying to congress is to try to cover up something truly heinous, like taking HGH and/or steroids to heal quicker or try to prolong your baseball career (or break some records). That and there are a lot of medical marijuana dispensaries that dare operate without breaking any state laws, so we have to go after them on a federal level. Don't forget about raw milk!!! We simply don't have enough resources to investigate every piddly little crime or fibs told in an attempt to cover up really terrible government actions.

Stan Gibilisco

"Truth is such a precious article let us all economize in its use." -- Mark Twain.


DDC: is perjury. I don't think a strong case can be made here, but contempt of Congress is crime.


I guess I am a criminal as I have all kinds of contempt of Congress. BTW, it now appears Holder missed at least 5 memos. http://biggovernment.com/publius/2011/10/06/holder-received-at-least-5-memos-on-fast-and-furious/


I am wondering at the timing of the release of the info about the attempted terrorist plot just announced by Holder today. Seems this guy has been under arrest for some time. Methinks that Holder wants to distract us from the Fast and Furious scandal. And it IS a scandal; people have gone to jail for much less in prior scandals or coverups. Do I think Holder will get by with it though? Yea, sadly, I do. No one gets prosecuted in this administration no matter how much they violate the Constitution or lie. Pathetic.

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