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Saturday, October 15, 2011


Donald Pay

As I said in your previous post, the problem with CLASS was its voluntary nature. Fund it through mandatory payroll deductions and you solve the problem.

Most of us will need long-term care at some point, and few of us are willing to part with a few bucks now to assure long-term care in a natural setting. So, we end up paying premium prices at assisted living centers. Right now it's all on the taxpayer. As I also pointed out, KB, you have no solution to this problem.

Bill Fleming

Great picture.


Yes, Donald, the problem was its voluntary nature. We could solve the problem by forcing people to purchase this coverage. And collecting it for a few years without paying anything is a stroke of genius. Maybe we can solve a few other problems by mandating some things. We could improve everyone's health if we mandated everybody had to exercise 45 minutes three times per week. And to do this, we mandate people purchase gym memberships. We could also mandate that restaurants cannot sell any meal with more than 5 grams of fat and less than 800 calories. And while we are at it, we could require each family to hire a dietician whose responsibility would be to see to it the family is eating a nutritious, calory smart meal. And we could solve a few other problems outside of health care. We could require everyone to purchase a car that gets at least 35 MPG. And we could mandate everyone keep the thermostat under 68 degrees in the winter and if air conditioning is allowed, it cannot be below 85 degrees. Yes, if we mandate things we can solve all kinds of problems, can't we?

Ken Blanchard

Bill: thanks.

Dugger: you posted what I thought as I read Donald's comment.

Donald: you are right again. I am hardly a policy wonk and I have no proposal for long term care insurance. Neither did I lie about having one, or produce one for purposes of fraud.

Yes, long term care is a serious issue that ought to be addressed. The dismissal of CLASS shows that the Democrats weren't seriously addressing it either. I am not President. Obama is.

George Mason

KB; One thought you may want to ponder. Look at the %GDP consumed by healthcare prior to the government takeover of geriatric care. The costs and pricing of medical care have been skewed ever since. Add into that the number of hours dedicated to government paperwork. The reason the future cost estimates for Medicare and Medicaid at their inception were so far off is because they were based upon the free market model they replaced. When government interferes in a business the costs always rise. The reduction of government interference will cause costs to fall.

Ken Blanchard

George: I am with you on all counts.

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