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Thursday, September 15, 2011



Finally, somebody has noticed that it does not make a lot of sense to on the one hand want to protect Social Security and Medicare on the other cut the amount of money going into it. And to their credit, it was Democrats.



"It doesn't look more viable now"

It was designed so that the Republicans would not pass it. When they refuse to pass it, he and the media will immediately be out in force blaming the Republican's for the economy. If they pass it...it won't work, and he can blame them for passing it, so they are caught in a catch 22. Of course, I think enough people have figured out the way Democrats roll...so I doubt it will work for him, but when you're desperate you'll try anything.

Although....any country dumb enough to have elected him into power is dumb enough to keep him in power.

Condy Kunger

Solyndra is the tip of the iceberg. The controversy here is that DOE lied about doing due diligence and passed Solyndra through while intentionally delaying others that competed with DOE's officers business interests. The DOE could have safely diversified its bets with 40 small america business applicants but they blew the money on a few inside special interest applicants who paid lobby money while freezing out those small American businesses and jobs. Subpeona's will show that Lachlan Seward, of the DOE, ordered staff and consultant's to change their review criteria and findings in order to manipulate winners and losers.

Look into the ones that didn't get in because they didn't bribe the right people.

The site: http://corruptiondoe.weebly.com has the real truth about Solyndra and beyond...

It shows that: - Only campaign contributors received funding from the DOE ATVM and Loan programs and competitors to those interests were frozen out. - Key White House staff were informed of the misdeeds but they covered them up. - A criminally illegal protection investor money racket was being run by individuals in, and around, the DOE funding programs, Detroit and Goldman Sachs. - Detroit ordered all competing efforts killed off or permanently delayed. - Tesla is involved in the same influence-buying scam and financials fudging here Everybody knows about the site, above. Hundreds of thousands of people have seen it. Nobody can ignore the facts here. This was all pay-to-play.

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George Mason

We will not have a strong and growing economy again until we eliminate the process of allowing the government to pick winners and losers. The government continues the economic stupidity of flushing money down the drain for windmills, ethanol, and fill in your favorite subsidy... and promotes corruption like Solyndra loans and the Boeing decision. A trillion dollars would have been better spent by writing checks to every citizen, allowing the individual to make their own decisions as to how to use the dollars. The obama administration should put to rest forever the idea that government can make intelligent decisions concerning business and economics.

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