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Sunday, September 25, 2011



I call bull. You're coughing up the same ol' drivel about Romney that his detractors, at least one of whom was decidedly bigoted toward Mormonism, coughed up during the last election cycle. Romney is an executive and a problem solver. His citizens needed a health care solution, and he worked with his state legislature to find one. I think it was a great idea, and he's right to stand by it. Romney worked to balance his state's budget. He's the one candidate who's actually fought and worked and compromised with the other party to do things which are for the good of ALL voters. And someone like you regurgitates the weak line that Romney doesn't stand for anything...If Romney weren't Mormon he'd be president right now. Perry is just as handsome and strong-jawed as Romney, but whereas Romney somehow was dinged for his looks ("he's too normal;" or "he's too clean-cut"), there's not a word about that with Perry. And Cain! WTH?!?!?! I feel like the Republicans are keeping him around just to prove that they aren't racist (i.e. "I cannot be racist because I have [one] black friend"). Rubbish!!


It doesn't matter if I think he can win or not -- I am for this man. If everyone that really prefers Herman Cain as the nominee votes for him, without concerning themselves with his "electability", he can win by a landslide.

I've actually met with Mr. Cain on multiple occasions and believe he's a man of character, accomplishment and love of country. That's the kind of man I want to see in the White House.

The "race card" is worn out, the only reason it's used anymore is because the Democrat Party requires it to hold a winning hand.

George Mason

As Herman Cain said when asked about his lack of experience in government: "Washington is full of people with experience in government, how's that worked out?" I like Herman Cain as a candidate. Unlike president teleprompter he, like most of the other Republicans, has far more executive experience in the real world than anyone in the current administration. Their experience cannot be compared with president teleprompter because president teleprompter had not before he became president and has been unable to absorb any since he became president.

Ken Blanchard

Alex: see George and William.

Mike Cooper

Who could ever trust Romney on the issue of abortion? Who could ever trust Romney on the issue of health care? What is the difference between Romney and John McCain? Both are far preferable to Obama, but neither is really a conservative.

Stan Gibilisco

In my opinion, the Florida straw poll results indicate that the public wants "anybody but Obama" when it comes to economic policy.

Herman Cain might make a good Chief Executive Officer when it comes to managing the economy, but what about our relations with Pakistan? What about Iran? North Korea? Iraq? Afghanistan? Pirates in Africa? Natural disasters?

As things stand now, Romney's my man. A certain amount of government experience is essential for anyone who aspires to serve in the multifaceted role of President of the United States. I think, also, that we need a moderate in that role.


Cain / Gingrich 2012 anyone? With quality people in the roles of VP / Secretary of State / Chief of Staff, I believe Herman Cain would have little difficulty in establishing a well thought out policies in areas he does not claim personal expertise. No one is an expert in ALL areas and anyone who becomes President requires quality staff to assist them.


Stan, if Romney were to be the nominee and I had a choice between him and Obama, I naturally would choose Romney. Romney does a good job of expressing the conservative position on paper. However, as pointed out above, I am not sure I can count on Romney to champion the conservative values I have. In many ways, I believe Perry would do that, but I worry he is not able to articulate what needs to be done.
William, I like Herman Cain on paper, but do have concerns about how he is going to deal with Congress and the world. Perhaps a Gingrich as a VP or chief of staff could help his presidency.

Bill Fleming

"The Tea Party people would love him. The Christian Right would love him. The Republican rank and file would love him. Independents would love him."

This strikes me as being essentially true, but then, I am not a Republican. I believe it was Mary Matalan who quoted the old saw most recently that "Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line."

Is that true? Does the word just finally come down on the "R" side and you all just jump back into line?

If so, maybe we Dems need to learn how to do that a little better when necessary.

Ken Blanchard

What Matalan means is simply that Republicans tend to nominate the next person in line. Hence John McCain. But a tendency is not destiny. Romney is the heir apparent but he has weaknesses that may be fatal this time round.


The fatal flaw in Morgan Freeman's comment is that he created a False Choice. He is attempting to gain support for the idea that the only reason people want Obama out of Office is the color of his skin....when everybody knows the real reason....and that is Obama's lack of leadership and experience.

No question Obama is an Idoologue....and the country is rejecting his agenda. The Democrats and their supporters have to use the race card because at this point, that is all they have.

George Mason

Morgan Freeman is broadcasting what the dem's will fall in line with. "Opposition to president teleprompter is racist." It's all they have.

Bill Fleming

"I think we can say that Republicans are less prejudice than Morgan Freeman."

I don't. But it's an interesting premise. I wonder if Morgan Freeman would be inclined to vote for your hypothetical Herman Cain, KB. Could it be that Freeman's real prejudice is against Republicans? If so, I would be surprised to hear that Republicans are all that much different from Freeman in that regard... as in: prejudiced against Democrats.

But not me... Because, well you know... um... some of my best friends are... uh... Republicans. ;^)


The "race card" is simply the last card the Democrats can play, when they have nothing else in "their hand". It used to be a "trump card", but they've worn it out.

George Mason

Bill; You may very well be correct. It is absolutely certain that William is correct.

Ken Blanchard

Bill: yes. Freeman's prejudice is against Republicans. Republicans are indeed biased against Democrats and vice verse. Party affiliation and political perspective (liberal or conservative) are biased by definition. That just means that both sides have made up their minds on political issues.

Prejudice is another thing. If I concluded in advance that all Democrats were defective in character, I would be guilty of prejudice. I have reached no such conclusions. Morgan Freeman has. He is pretty sure that all Republicans are just plain bad.

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