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Saturday, September 10, 2011



Interestingly, I have read some stories on this and even the conservative blogs do not believe Turner can win in the general election, even if he is the incumbent. The guy the Dems have put up must be really loathsome. Someone has even suggested that the Dems will put up Anthony Weiner in 2012!


Many are Jewish by identification, if not by faith. Obama has managed to turn those who identify as Jewish against him. As a member of the Republican Jewish Coalition, I can attest that many life-long Democrats have seen him for what he is.

As Obama has led the Democrat Party to positions "beyond the pale" for many in the Democrat coalition, I will not be surprised to see a turnout in 2012 that actually does provide a mandate to reverse not only Obama's policies, but those of "Progressives" already embedded for generations.


Tears flow from my cheeks on this day, as they do everytime I think not only of this anniversary, but of those that I see daily that who are sacrificing their lives to preserve the freedoms we enjoy.

I’m sorry, I had to interrupt my thoughts, the tears in my eyes overcame me…

GOD BLESS our troopers that serve to protect us!

Stan Gibilisco

In my opinion, a Republican victory in Weiner's district would have little, if anything, to do with Weiner's having damaged the Democrats. Perverts populate the political panorama from horizon to horizon. A Republican win in NY9 would reflect a larger sentiment among the populace -- that Democrats are driving this country toward destruction -- and also that Dugger is right, that Weprin is a plain loser.

As for the decline in Obama's popularity, I suspect that the change in Hispanic sentiments will drive the the final nails into his casket with a sledge hammer in 2012, unless Donald Trump or Ron Paul runs on an independent ticket and splits the Republican vote. I'll bet that a lot of Cubans in Miami will go for "anybody but Obama"!


I don't know. Surely the fact that Obama hosted a Seder after his remarks about the pre-1967 borders will win him back support! Even if he did use "kosher-style" non-kosher foods and a Maxwell House Haggadah.

George Mason

The questions about the poll should be answered by the reaction of the dem's. Obviously their polling must indicate big trouble.

Ken Blanchard

George: that is the way I have been reading this. The update in my more recent post confirms as much.

Mike Cooper

The canary died.

Mike Cooper

The canary died.

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