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Friday, September 09, 2011


Bill Fleming

"If that doesn't work, will another $450,000,000,000 really turn the trick?"

(clears throat... *ahem*... gulps.)

Well KB, that would be a lot of tricks. Eco-devo, Vegas style? Jobs. Jobs. Jobs?
I suppose it's one way to get the wealthy to pony up.

Okay, just shoot me. (...blushes)

George Mason

The greatest failure of president teleprompter is his inability that temporary anything is just temporary. No business owner or CEO is going to make long term plans on the temporary. When the tax break ends or the program runs out you are right where you started.
It is almost certain that his "infrastructure" programs will include another executive order that the contracts may only be let to union contractors (eliminating 80% of all potential bidders). Doesn't take much imagination to know what that will do to the cost of the projects.


If everything is paid for, then does that mean he is going to ask the Super Committee to find more taxes from someone else or actually cut the budget from someplace? Interesting considering I am betting the committee will not be able to meet its first objective, let alone this new one. Also, if Social Security is going broke and taxpayers are paying less into SS due to a temporary cut in the tax, does that mean Social Security will go broke faster?

Soapy Johnson

A reminder of how popular the first stimulus bill was ...

Donald Pay

I actually agree in a lot of ways with what KB has to say. The fiscal insanity of the past 40 years, except for a brief period during the Clinton Administration, has to be dealt with. Fine, we agree, but there is no way I agree with much of what the Republicans would do to settle that question.

I don't see the Republicans dealing with what has become their gospel, as summarized pretty well by Dick Cheney referencing Reagan's teaching: deficits don't matter. The escape clause to that, of course, is that deficits don't matter when the Republicans propose and defend tax giveaways to the super wealthy and corporate elite who provide you with your campaign money. And deficits don't matter when they want to engage in stupid wars. When the funds go to people in dire situations, who can't fund their campaigns, then deficits become a problem. So, if Obama's plan involves cuts to people who need Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security, I'm all for gridlocked government.

Ken Blanchard

Ladies and Gentlemen: I have to remind you again that Donald Pays is not a straw man! He really believes what he writes. He is all for fiscal responsibility as long as it doesn't actually involve any meaningful reforms.


More of the same, nothing paid for during his term in office, just a speech and no real legislative proposal to present for an actual vote. More nothingness from the President of Nothing.

Words without substance, is anyone surprised?

Donald Pay

The fiscal insanity has to end, KB. It won't end until we forever bury the policies foisted on this nation by the corporate elite and their puppets, mainly in the Republican Party. The rot is systemic from 40 years of corrupt dealings. The meaningful reforms that are needed are not something your Party has the ability to deliver, because they are the paid handmaidens of Wall Street and the corporate elite.


So, Donald, are you agreeing that much of the Federal State needs to be dismantled and we return to the Constitutional Powers, left mostly in the states? Do you concede that "grand plans" of a highly centralized government ultimately produce nothing but failure "writ large".?


In the same speech.
::tap tap tap:: Anyone out there? Anyone paying attention?

"Pass This bill NOW!!!"
"...the bill wont be completly written up and before COngress for another week or two..."


Donald, I have to agree with you on a point. This is fiscal insanity. We are expecting a smaller and smaller group of people to pay for the rest of us. We are paying people not to work. We are paying farmers not to grow corn. We are paying for studies that have no impact on anything except to give some money to a university or something. We are paying more for roads and bridges because we require only contractors who have a certain type of employee, whether it be minority or a union. We are over-regulating our industries. We will not allow oil companies to drill in the Gulf, and then complain they do not pay enough money. We tax corporations at a rate that most other countries do not. We keep taking money from one group of people and giving it to others to redistribute the wealth. Should someone question this, we call them idiots. Yeah, we have fiscal insanity alright.


Quite a few economist have stated that what we've done was not enough, and that we should do more (as in increase the amount of) of what we've been doing...

Consumer spending (aka the middle class) is 70% of the economy. If you choke the middle class, the economy tanks and the rich just came that much richer. (or closer to being slave owners...)


And quite a few economists have said that "stimulus" package was a big mistake. Taking money out of the private sector and picking winners and losers is no way to improve an economy. Since the "stimulus" did not move the needle and any jobs "saved" or "created" came at an expense of about $1,000,000 per job and the official jobless rate has actually increased and the real jobless rate is hovering around 16%, I think I will believe the sensible ones who believe that package was a mistake.

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