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Sunday, September 11, 2011


Donald Pay

"What if Al Qaeda had managed or does manage to set off a really nasty weapon in Manhattan? I submit that our reaction might be much less gentle, less tempered by concerns for civil liberties and diversity, than anything we have seen over the last ten years."

Just some things I've been thinking about, because I think the interesting thing is that most recent terrorist incidents have been few, small and carried out by kooks or incompetents. The quality of your average terrorist recruit has gone down, along with the lack of funds.

Europe has dealt with considerably more terrorism over a much longer time frame than the US. They haven't given up much in civil liberties, though some have become more xenophobic. I'm sure there will be an upsurge in our garden variety xenophobes here. They'll switch to whatever nationality will grab them the most dollars from their direct mail campaigns. And little old ladies with mild Alzheimer's will give them some contributions, which will go into their bank accounts to buy trucks with confederate flags. Still, our gutless politicians will do something to show they are doing something. I'm more scared of the idiot politicians than the terrorists, actually.

Some more questions---Why does any terrorist bomb have to be set off by Al Qaeda in Manhattan to set off an American meltdown? What if some secessionist supporter of Rick Perry had managed or does manage to set off a really nasty weapon somewhere down South? Would we just say, "Hmmm, that was interesting?" Or what if the weapon is just mildly nasty, killing 17 gay men at a gay dance venue or 3 women and a physician at an abortion clinic?

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