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Saturday, September 24, 2011


Stan Gibilisco

At the risk of sounding irreverent and contrarian, I suspect that this might be a fabulous time for a savvy, slightly reckless long-term investor to sink some cash into solar or wind power.

That said, I agree with you generally on Keystone XL, but we'd better make damn sure that we South Dakotans don't end up on the hook for cleanup costs when the inevitable accident occurs.

George Mason

Stan; With Solyndra exec.s(read Obama supporters) taking the fifth (12 times, getting into Hilary Clinton territory), avoiding investment in solar and wind at this time would be wise (the next investigation is into obama donors with large stakes in wind). Petroleum is a much safer bet. The obama administration and the professional malcontents will continue to increase the costs of drilling, transporting and refining raw materials. This will continue to inflate the costs to the consumer(so much for caring about poor people)through onerous regulation and litigation, and costing the jobs president teleprompter claims he is so dedicated to creating.

Donald Pay

Keystone XL is code for crony capitalism that leads to treason. When you've got the right wing foundations and the corporatists in the Obama Administration all supporting this turkey you can bet it's bad news for the USA.


Ken Blanchard

Donald: your logic and your medication need to be adjusted. Both sides hire lobbyists. You can complain about that if you will, but calling it treason is nutty.

Jon S.

For what it's worth, I was talking to a student from Buffalo, SD recently, and apparently they have made a major addition to their school in anticipation of the jobs created due to the pipeline. As Ken says, that's stimulus.

Donald's argument is that when everyone agrees something is good, that's proof that it's bad. I am aware that there are such things as mass delusion (how else to explain the fact that Adam Sandler has a movie career), but sometimes this is also known as "consensus."

Anthony D. Renli

One hole in your first argument that the seizing of private property is the same as the interstate highway system or national parks:

The highways and parks are owned by the United States Government and therefore the taxpayers of the United Sates. Keystone XL is going to be owned by a publicly traded corporation, TransCanada.

A better analogy would be - WalMart decides they want a store where your house is, so they get the local government to use eminent domain to take your house. This is why some of us oppose this. It is a private corporation taking land from farmers who may not want to sell.


Lie much?

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