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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Stan Gibilisco

If I sign a sworn statement to the effect that I favor the public option, can I get a special discount on one of those Obamacare waivers?

Bill Fleming

Always feel a need to complement you on your picture choices, KB.
Of all the things you may be lacking, good taste in visual imagery is not one of them.
Kudos, professor.


You're welcome, Bill. I think.

Bill Fleming


KB says "you're welcome" to a complement, instead of "thank you."

A true Zenmaster.

George Mason

"A Concept Short on Details" indeed, with no mechanism to bring about savings or even hold the line on costs. Doctors, like my Orthopedic surgeon, will bail out of practice if they are close to retirement age due to the coming restraints on how they can practice and how they can charge for services. Compounding the overall Stalinist approach to medical care obama & co. put in no restraints on the legal profession (imagine that!). President teleprompter has told the medical profession you may continue to practice but you will have no protection and your malpractice insurance may bankrupt you. A lot of incentives there. Good luck finding a doctor.



I have a Liberal firend who seems to think that doctors do what they do because they only want to help people, and becoming a doctor should be free of charge by all universities.......It made me giggle!

George Mason

Actually Jimi there is something to what your friend said about doctors wanting to help people. But as most of us realize doctors do not take a vow of poverty. Of course liberals believe everyone but themselves should take a vow of poverty and hand all their money over to the government. You may want to tune into the news today. Warren Buffet is backing away from president teleprompter at an accelerating rate.

Stan Gibilisco

"'A Concept Short on Details' indeed ..."

Leave it to a Harvard law professor to facilitate the composition a document so long that no one spent the time to read it (except maybe Dennis Kucinich), yet remains short on details.

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