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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


larry kurtz

Hey, people say stupid shit when there are guns to their heads. Hope the James River takes out Aberdeen and flushes it into the Gulf.

George Mason

Another intelligent contribution from Larryland. What is not mentioned in the paragraph, and usually ignored by the NYT and cult of global warming, is the U.S. has had restrictions on sulfur emissions for 40+ years. The big contributors of all types of pollution are second and third world emerging industrial powers. Neither the cult, the NYT or the Obama administration ever demands action by these countries. They much prefer to destroy American industries with unreasonable restrictions far beyond what is required to maintain a clean environment here. Another exam[ple of the continuing war on America.

larry kurtz

From The Street: "MDU spokesman Mark Hanson said the 88-megawatt plant would be built next to the company's 100-megawatt coal-fired Heskett Station, two miles north of Mandan. That plant, built in 1954 and updated with a second unit in 1963, burns about 500,000 tons of lignite annually from a mine near Beulah, in western North Dakota." http://www.thestreet.com/story/11178789/1/mdu-proposes-natural-gas-power-plant-near-mandan.html

Health care industry raging: http://www.argusleader.com/article/20110710/NEWS/107100314/Avera-Sanford-beacons-growth-otherwise-slumbering-economy

How's yer stock in NorthWestern Energy doing, Ken?


Was someone holding a gun to your head, Mr. Kurtz?

larry kurtz

Oh, Ms. Flint: it chaps my glutei listening to another wearisome tenured academic droning on without offering solutions. Vice President Gore is just one rotund example of a dignitary selling a message. Dr. Blanchard is a pro at blaming Washington ad nauseum and yet can't detect the ill winds blowing out of out his own endangered colon.

Donald Pay

Here, boiled down as only KB can do, is the essence of Republican evil: "I am sure that sulfur emissions must cause a lot of health problems. That's the sort of thing that you worry about when you can afford to."

The rest of us poor peons can just breath it in and die.

George Mason

Donald this will only happen to you in a socialist country, like your beloved Venezuela or Cuba.

larry kurtz

Consider this chortling: http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2011/07/like-pravda-covering-chernobyl-fox-news-on-the-murdoch-problems/241875/

Ken Blanchard

And you Donald prove that you are no more serious about global warming than Al Gore. Thanks for confirming my point.

penny auction

That's the sort of thing that you worry about when you can afford to.

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