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Tuesday, June 14, 2011



Funny because the president of Boing said they were opening the new plant in SC to thwart the unions... Thus, the violation...


Dave, please find that quote. I heard Boeing said that due to the labor stoppages and other factors, they were building the plant in NC. That is a legitimate reason. Also, Boeing is hiring in WA as well as NC. If the NLRB insists on continuing this persecution, if I were Boeing, I would fold the corporation and sell it to another "entity", maybe Gnieob. And then I would do as I pleased as the new company. This complaint by the NLRB has no bearing other than supporting labor unions and supporting a state that is likely to go Obama over another one that is likely to go to anybody else. Last time I checked, Obama is President of the United States and not just the states that supported him.


"...the president of Boing said they were opening the new plant in SC to thwart the unions..."

"Boeing," not "Boing."

The CEO (not president) of Boeing said the company could not afford "strikes happening every three or four years in Puget Sound." A Boeing management memo said the company wanted to "reduce vulnerability to delivery disruptions caused by work stoppages."

No workers in Seattle were fired. No existing work was moved to South Carolina. No reduction in work at Seattle-area plants is planned.

I guess you're right that Boeing's intent was to "thwart the unions," if the union's intent is to wreck Boeing's bottom line and eventually drive it into bankruptcy. But it's hard to see why the federal government should believe that it is a crime not to cooperate in one's own destruction.

Ken Blanchard

Donald: by that standard, any steps taking to keep the company afloat during a strike would be illegal.


For a more objective overview of the whole thing go here: http://www.propublica.org/blog/item/primer-in-labor-board-dispute-with-boeing-growing-controversy-clouds-facts


Does aonnye or has aonnye that works for this committee ever worked not knowing if you are going to tommorow? I doubt it, have any of you ever worked for a company that has a plant somewhere else that the people make 3 times what you make? I doubt it. The only thing right th work protects is the company and the politicans that get kick backs from the company. In south carolina that would be Haley ( 150K dontaed by Boeing for her ball), Demint, and Grahm. Has aonnye thought to ask the people of there states what they want? Or perhaps let them choose? I doubt it since being a politican today requires you know or leave any where near your prople. Its a shame the way people get on the high horses and bath mouth the working class. I dint think I would live to see a day when the governement spent millions to see if athletes lie about seroids and politicans dont even care about any class except the upper.


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