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Saturday, June 25, 2011



Do you also have a degree in personality psychology KB? If not, I must point out that this little foray into personality profiling is little more than political hackery at its least-efficient worst.

In fact, one might interpret your piece as complimentary. You seem compeled to invoke word after word and paragraph after paragraph of contorted pseudo-psychology in an attempt to prove Obama unworthy of his office because he is some sort of human chameleon. All we lefties had to do to achieve resonance for the concept Bush was unworthy was call him an idiot. That was political hackery at its best: quick, clean character assassination conjuring up a concept that, once presented, seemed obvious to a lot of people--true or not.

Ken Blanchard

A.I.: my piece was about the behavior of Barack Obama and the people around him. Perhaps you would need several years of schooling and an official degree to guess the effect of being "shielded" from challenge. Your average auto mechanic understands that right off. So do I.

larry kurtz

you are a pro, doc; i bow to you.

Ken Blanchard

A.I. (and Larry): do you not see anything troubling in the career of one Barack Obama? He doesn't have to do the same stuff that other research assistants do. Was that fair? Was it good for Barry? Contrary to what you say, A.I., my post had very little to do with Obama's psychology. It had to do with the way that Obama has been treated by people and institutions. Driver's story is transparent, isn't it? Lawrence Tribe saw in Obama something he could use. He was disappointed. Isn't that worth pointing out?

larry kurtz

the office changes every occupant. the last president to change the office was reagan and oliver north fucked him.

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