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Monday, May 16, 2011



They are not just inviting veiwers to look for connections The Avengers Movie has started production. The teasers and cameos are how they are interconnecting a Universe of characters. http://movies.ign.com/articles/116/1164114p1.html

Stan Gibilisco

In high school and college, I was a quintessential nerd. God was good to me, indeed! He kept the bimbos away from me. At the time I failed to appreciate His benevolence. Now, however, my gratitude knows no bounds.


For starters, if youve watched any of the recent Marvel movies (excluding the spider-man and fantastic four flicks. and daredevil, elektra and ghost rider) there is a common thread going on in each of them.. and thats Nick Fury (samuel l jackson)

the avengers movie comes out next year and there have been none-to-obscure references made to that exact thing in each movie (iron man.. both films, and the hulk film with edward norton).

the groundwork has been laid for the film over the last few years even mentioning that tony stark's (robert downey jr) father was part of the super soldier program back in world war two.. which gave "birth" to captain america.

thors hammer was found, i believe, at the end of the last iron man movie and even a replica of cap's shield was seen in tony stark's "work room" in iron man2

As for hawkeye being "one of the founding avengers".. WRONG! in marvel comics universe proper, hawkeye didnt join the team until issue #16.. almost a year and a half after the title began, and a full year after cap was a member (cap joined in issue #4)

The Avengers wasnt strictly led by Captain America either. many heroes have been chairperson of the team over the years.. and the book is still going strong to this day.

Oh one last thing.. the movie has NOTHING to do with the Initiative.. thats a COMPLETELY different Avengers related story.

For the most part, I am leaning towards the movie being closer to the Ultimate Universe version of the avengers that the "mainstream universe" version of the team. the hard evidence is the fact that samuel l jackson, as mentioned above.. is playing nick fury who in mainstream reality is white, but in the ultimate universe is black. Another fact is that in the movie hawkeye, black widow and captain america are all going to become founding members of the avengers.. which is true in the ultimate universe but not the main universe.


Namor predates Aquaman by a couple of years.

"But Marvel characters were ...more resonant with the social culture. Marvel just had better stories."

This wasn't true until the mid-'60s


The Avengers title is still being published. In fact there are now three teams. Captain America leads a group known as the Secret Avengers.

Thanks for the review. I hope to get to Thor this weekend


I stand in awe of these ubernerds. I almost have to turn in my nerd badge. I cannot compete.

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