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Thursday, May 26, 2011



Talk about petty...

larry kurtz

Yeah, I dunno. He could have barfed on Her Majesty.


When the President of the United States speaks on foreign soil the rest of the world show bow to his feet. The idiot who is in charge of the music should be Punched down at!

Screw these British Scum! I'm glad he interupted their stupid formalities. As much I am disgusted by Obama, I refuse to criticize him on foreign soil. Of course, as soon as he lands I would be more than happy to give him the finger, but he is my President, and on Foreign Soil he can do No Wrong. It wasn't his fault.....The American People should be shouting down the Royals for allowing this to happend!


The State Department has some sort of protocol office that is supposed to help avoid gaffes like this one. Two years ago when the First Lady touched the queen, the White House said they did not know about the protocol office. I would think by now they would. Jimi, I do not know if you are tongue in cheek on this one, but this has nothing to do with criticizing the President on foreign soil. This is an example when his actions are an embarrassment to the people he represents. Personally, I would not know what the protocol is, but someone should.


"This is an example when his actions are an embarrassment to the people he represents."

Yep...we are all know it is an embarassement, I was refering to some of the news outlets and especially Tim Pawlenty who take shots at him while he is not here, based on what he does over there. Until he comes home, I believe in at least pretending he is my faithful representative.

Bill Fleming

Well at least he didn't fart. I probably would have.


Have I Got News For You has more fun footage from the president's visit here:

Ken Blanchard

Miranda: that was great! I didn't know about HIGNFY. I am bookmarking that one.

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