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Thursday, April 07, 2011


Stan Gibilisco

Politicians play ping-pong. We be the ball.


Stan: Maybe that can keep us from declaring that we're up a river without a paddle!

Dr. Blanchard: Excellent blog post! Thanks!


I'll be the curmudgeon, and say we can't "play ball" much longer. Wisconsin IS an important battlefield, as it exemplifies the "Rural Red" and the "Urban Blue" in extremes.

The heavily urbanized, largely "minority" and unionized "Blue" has split 50-50 with the rural "Red" vote with a narrowly contestable margin in the most highly contested election of the year. Major funding from national unions, along with the traditional "strong-arm" tactics of personal intimidation have served, at best, to win what will be a contested election (tactics that may actually serve to demonstrate the fraud that's rampant in states with heavy union representation).

MAD CITY and Milwaukee are just about as "Blue State", "progressive" enclaves as anyone can imagine. The very fact that they've been reduced to a "contested election" is really a major victory!

If we've reached the point where electoral "victories" are decided by a margin of 1/100th of a percent, we're in some serious "S#@&"!

The unions don't have unlimited funds, and can't keep sustaining efforts like they have in Wisconsin. If they can't have a substantial victory here, they cannot sustain the effort and I think they'll have to continue to fight here, even if they cheat on a recount.

If "Wisconsin WAS Lost", we can limit the loss, if we keep them in court to finalize the election and the unions are exposed for the tactics they used "to win".

The public sector unions ARE parasites on the public "at large" and Wisconsin is only the first battlefield.

Anyone that's concerned about runaway spending HAS to be in favor of limiting the influence (if not the existence) of public sector unions.

The American public still doesn't understand, Federal employees and the State employees of a majority of the states DON'T HAVE the "supposed rights" that the State Unions are claiming as "fundamental rights".

When does the taxpayer get to declare "BULLSHIT"?

Repack Rider

Prosser received over 99% of the vote in his last election. His campaign outspent the other by nearly 2-1, yet he lost half his support in a couple of months to an unknown.

As an Army veteran (E-5) and one of the few remaining working men in the United States, I salute the labor unions of Wisconsin for sending a message to the non-taxpaying corporate parasites preying on America.

Donald Pay

What is scaring Republicans, and the corporate elite whom they serve, is that they middle class here hit the limit on what they are willing to swallow. The middle class will accept some sacrifice to right the ship of state, but when the call for their sacrifice comes comes along with giving massive new subsidies to corporate titans, and abrogation of rights, that's when the revolution starts. Either we are all in this together and the pain is felt by the corporate elite, too, or we fire on the corporate elite's jets, and bring them down. But this is separate from the Supreme Court race.

The fact is Prosser self-destructed under the stress of the campaign, becoming increasingly agitated, strident and partisan. That's not a good trait in a judge. Kloppenberg maintained a judicial, non-partisan bearing, and didn't stoop to the name-calling and political pandering that Prosser showed in the last couple weeks of the campaign.

Outside group spending was two to one against Kloppenberg. She still won. Money can buy elections when the electorate isn't pay attention. They are paying attention now, so money doesn't have the same effect.

The election results showed Kloppenberg winning in counties taken by Walker just months before.



"She still won"

No she didn't......the media proclaimed she won.....as of right now Prosser is "winning", as Charlie likes to say!



"She still won"

No she didn't......the media proclaimed she won.....as of right now Prosser is "winning", as Charlie likes to say!

Donald Pay

Yeah, Republican voter count fraud being exposed, as many expected. It will be a long, long recount and court battle.


Donald, are you referring to the crony capitalists like GE, GM, Chrysler, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan-Chase, Exelon, Goldman Sachs, Citi, AT&T, etc that are bedded down with the Obama administration?

larry kurtz

That's a sweet picture, Ken. Looks like Republican toilet paper...endless.

Ken Blanchard

Donald: yes, this time the electorate was paying attention. Regardless of the outcome, it is clear that the electorate split pretty much down the middle.

George Mason

William you hit it on the head. Donalds parasites, Leona Helmsley, Bernie Madoff, the Goldman people, Jeffery Immelt, pick your favorite union president, are all part of the "only little people pay taxes" bunch and are all, like Donald, liberal democrats. They are also the ones who profited the most from the easy money policies and the CRA.

Laurie Hemmer

The left feels anything but empty, esp with polls showing Obama will win in 2012. People are tired of the Republicans not willing to compromise on anything and everything and tired of the right wing crazy Tea party. Americans are for the most part moderate not right wing nuts.

Ken Blanchard

Laurie: the Republicans just compromised on the budget. Now we are told that Obama is about to prepare a real budget, with actual cuts involved. Don't hold your breath. If there is any content to the Administration's fiscal policy, it is entirely supplied by a reaction to the Ryan plan.

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