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Friday, April 01, 2011


Anthony Renli

When I first saw your plan, I thought "This Can't Work."

Then I realized why it can't work...it makes sense and would be a reasonable, logical, measured way to deal with primaries. We can't have that.

Donald Pay

The plan makes too much sense to ever be enacted. What would trip it up from a conservative viewpoint is that it would require federalization of the election process. It could never be done otherwise. It would probably require a constitutional amendment as well.

I would shorten the whole process. A March start is soon enough. The whole process should be wrapped up by late May.

Ken Blanchard

Anthony: thanks, I think. I do agree that its enactment is unlikely. There is too much selfishness involved.

Donald: thanks for the endorsement. Conservatives would indeed object to the "Federalization" of the election process. The nomination process is the means whereby parties choose their candidates. Probably parties should be allowed to do that as they think fit.

I don't think this reform would require federalization at all. It would merely require that the parties get tired of the nonsense and recognize their own best interest. I agree that, right now, that is unlikely. It is hardly impossible.


Actually Dr. Blanchard, the National Association of Secretaries of State have proposed something similar called the Regional Primaries Plan that I've looked at and really like.

Check it out here:



I give one thumbs up to the plan and another to the monkey reference. Monkeys have been absent from this blog for far too long!

larry kurtz

You're right, Ms. Flint, I'm back; whoever wants the primary process shortened hates politics.

Donald Pay

KB., The primary is a progressive reform that substitutes a government run election for a party run nominating procedure. State government decides dates and procedures for primaries. Parties may be consulted, but they don't have much power in the process. In some cases the state and national party leaders disagree about procedures and dates. It's not going to happen without a federalization of the presidential primary process.

Ken Blanchard

Donald: you put your finger on the problem. The "progressive" weakening of parties benefits who? Candidates who enjoy celebrity, wealth, or both. It hurts who? Any other candidate. That's progressive, alright.

Donald Pay

KB, you need to read up on your history.

Ken Blanchard

Donald: Ok. But I need more than that to go on.

Mark Anderson

I've lived in Florida for 25 years, I moved from South Dakota. My primary vote hasn't mattered in my lifetime. I get a choice of two candidates, wow, one better than the old Soviet Union. Last election I voted for Hillary Clinton and my vote was put aside by the party, thanks. The idea is I suppose, that Iowa and New Hampshire are such a wonderful, representative section of the nation. Your solution is fine, and it will happen about the same time the NCAA adopts a playoff for college football.

Ken Blanchard

Mark: one better than the Soviet Union is the whole ballgame.

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