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Saturday, April 16, 2011


George Mason

There can be little doubt that the Wednesday speech with all of its marxist allusions was to, as the media states, shore up the base. The lines that obama keeps drawing in the sand are soon blown away by his bloviating following the latest poll numbers. Our new deficit hawk in chief's new plan will be to demonize Paul Ryan. Ryan actually has a plan to address the real issues. The Obama plan is status quo with destruction of the productive members of our society added in. At least for this week.

Barton Fink

I loved the President's speech, and I hope that he can regain the support of his party and of the independents who put him into office. Seriously, do the Republicans believe that Bachmann or Trump or whatever, um, personage they finally settle on is going to be popular at all with the American electorate? People hate Bachmann and Palin, and they laugh at Romney and that Arkansas preacher. Trump? He's only popular because he pretends to be a birther.

The American budget crisis exploded in 2003 when Republicans determined to throw away the Clinton-era "costing" rule, namely, that everything in a budget had to be paid for. Clinton had turned the economy of the US around, after the failure of Reagan-Bush to control their deficits. "Reagan proved that deficits don't matter," Cheney announced in 2004 as the Republicans began the spiral into debt that we are now trying to reverse. Americans know this, and Democrats have nothing to fear on the budget battle. I trust that Americans will do the right thing and not return to power the party that demonstrated such absolute fiscal recklessness from 2000 to 2008.

Jon S.


I think your memory is a bit faulty. First, presidents do not write budgets, Congress does. Bill Clinton opposed a balanced budget, and then when he finally agreed that this should be the goal he wanted to balance much later than congressional Republicans. The congressional Republicans of the 1990s deserve far more credit than Clinton for the balanced budgets at the end of that decade, although Clinton deserves credit for ultimately agreeing. It should be noted that these balanced budgets were relatively easy. First, the "holiday from history" that was the 1990s made us believe that we could cut defense spending, which is where the lions share of spending cuts came from. Second, because of the tech boom, the economy was growing strong and revenue was washing in. Balanced budgets were easy.

The economy also grew after Bush's first year in office and before the 2008 collapse, which is why deficits were actually declining in the middle of the decade.

Our fiscal situation is largely caused by entitlement spending, exacerbated under Bush by the passage of the Medicare prescription drug benefit, a bill that David Walker called the most irresponsible piece of legislation in 40 years. You can certainly blame Bush for that, but most Democrats were for it, too. And I wonder if Barton joins Republicans and moderate Democrats like Alice Rivlin in advocating reshaping of entitlements, especially Medicare, to reduce cost.

Finally, if Bush's deficits were awful, Barton must HATE Obama's. Obama's budget projects deficits over the next decade which exceed every year the worst deficit under Bush by at least $200 billion. This is while assuming strong economic growth. I agree, Bush was fiscally irresponsible. But because I think that I believe that Obama's performance on these issues, to borrow Clive Crook's word, has been "pitiful."


The Presidential election in 2012 is already largely out of Obama's hands, at this point. In the unlikely event that we have a booming economy and people have some reason to believe that Obama is a leader, rather than an empty suit, his re-election hopes rest solely on the GOP fielding an even less attractive candidate against him, or a credible enough third-party challenger to result in his winning with less than 45% of the popular vote.

Stan Gibilisco


Trump runs as a Republican but loses the primary.

The winner (I favor Huckabee, but who knows at this point?) asks Trump to be his running mate, in order to keep Trump from running as an independent.

Trump will play "second fiddle" to no one. He thinks he can win. He runs as an independent.

Obama sails into the Presidency.

Democrats demagogue the Ryan plan and its general philosophy. Baby boomers drink it right up. Republicans gain no seats in the House in 2012, and lose two seats in the Senate.

Gridlock continues, intensifies, and polarization approaches the threshold of violence.


Stan, not to sound like "Dr Doom", but if your scenario plays out, I suspect the threshold would be crossed within a week of the election...

Personally, I think Trump will be out of the running no later than mid-summer, he doesn't want to release a financial statement and won't launch a third party bid. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean someone else won't attempt one, thus allowing Obama to win re-election with under 45% of the popular vote...



"Obama has not yet suffered a fall into the 30% approval range, but he has precious little margin for error."

One Word...."Sampling"


My Prediction....

Obama wins a second term reguardless of what the Republicans do....Reguardless of the Economy....Reguardless of Foreign Affairs.

Why Do I beleive that?

Simple....Any country weak enough to have let someone like Obama represent them, is weak enough to allow him to maintain power. Once the media gets through with the massive propoganda campaign that will be starting within the next 6 months, Obama will be a Shoe-In.



I wish I could say you're wrong, but I definitely see where you're coming from. Let's just say, I HOPE you're wrong. If you're right, then I fear the we may live to witness the end of this grand experiment we call the United States of America.

larry kurtz

How's this little circle jerk goin' in here?

Hey, the American Revolution is still happening; you're either on the bus or you're off the bus. Pick one.


Poopy Brains,

"How's this little circle jerk goin' in here?"

Going Good! Now lube up or go hang out with your boyfriend's at HuffPost!



"Let's just say, I HOPE you're wrong."

Why? I disagree with your prespective. The best thing that could happend to this country is for Obama and the Democrats to get another term with a super majority. I know that sounds crazy, but you can't fix anything until the population understands how we got here. At some point you have to let the Democrats (i.e The Progressives and Marxists) have complete control long enough to expose themselves. Unitl that happends the population will never understand what the debate is really about. Americans have been spolied for so long now, the majority still does not understand what is at stake. You and I both know it would end in disaster, but it will anyway, so why not hurry it along, so that your kids and grandkids can still recover to enjoy an America that you and your parents enjoyed?



"I fear that we may live to witness the end of this grand experiment we call the United States of America."

I disagree with this too! There is no reason to lose faith in your countrymen. Just because the majority of Americans don't quite understand what they have, does not mean that when it comes down to the nitty-gritty that they will choose a life of less freedom and prosperity. There has been alot of manipulation and propoganda over the years and many people just could not keep up, or had a hard time fessing up to the reality of American Politics. My baseline point is, that there is no way to avoid the pain that is due upon us, but that doesn't mean as we begin to pay those dues, your fellow American's will choose to ditch the Constitution or the Economic System that compliments it, for a System that offers less freedom or prosperity.

If they do choose that....history will eventually repeat itself....and those who choose to not live under such circumstances will be the mirror images of the Patriots of our past.



If we stay on our current path, we may not need to wait for Obama to be re-elected before the Democrats (i.e The Progressives and Marxists) have complete control long enough to expose themselves. My biggest concern are the shear numbers of Americans that are still supporting them.

I think it increasingly possible that if we have Obama in office for a second term, we may still have States in the "Republic" of America but they may not include all 50 and some of the states will belong to different republics.

I'm not yet willing to speculate that it's the most likely course, because I don't believe it is. I'm not willing to rule it out though, and that's a particularly depressing thought.

Your baseline point is entirely correct, pain IS on its way, but are we so split that some will choose to our Constitution and some will choose another path? Is it even possible for the "House Divided" to separate itself peacefully? Can we come to our collective senses and unite to "pay those dues", or are too many citizens trapped in the magical thinking that "government will fix it" and we can afford anything we want, when we want without concern for the consequences?


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"Rest assured, if the economy doesn't improve -- or gets worse -- the GOP will be well-positioned to oust Obama in 2012, provided the party doesn't nominate a fringe candidate."

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