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Thursday, April 07, 2011




"found a big heap of votes for Prosser"

This is an incorrect statement. The votes were not "found." The spreadsheet was entered into the database, after the election, but was not saved into the data base. In other words it was human error.


Ken Blanchard

Jimi: I was not suggesting otherwise. "Found" just means recovered here.

Donald Pay

This particular county clerk has a history of such "mistakes." Are these repeated "mistakes" the way this particular person hides serious criminal behavior involving election fraud? I think we will find out, as there are calls for federal investigations, as well as for recounts. She admits to keeping the election data in her personal computer, not the county system, and without the normal security used for election technology in this state. The stories she's been telling are inconsistent with how the program she used works, according to IT experts. She worked for Prosser in the past. There's a lot about this that smells.

Stan Gibilisco

By all means, investigate. I can't help but think that this turn of events suggests that neither party has a monopoly on, or total control over, election imperfection. It serves Murphy, and Murphy alone.

We also now realize (as if it should come as a surprise) that computers can't get rid of flaws in the election process. We are blessed, however, that we need no longer contend with hanging, pregnant, or dimpled chads.

Most comforting at all, to those who bow down at the alter of chaos, is the fact that we're all one rogue solar flare away from TEVU (The End of the Virtual Universe). Don't get nightmare deprivation, now, y'hear?

Ken Blanchard

Donald: it may be that there was some mischief here. Keep hoping! I know that Republicans would do the same. Right now it looks like Prosser won fair and square. Sorry.

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