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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Fr. Andrew

Thanks for the heads up. I've enjoyed Pegg and Frost before (liked Hot Fuzz more than SOTD). I'm no creationist but will avoid the bigotry.

larry kurtz

Thanks, Doc; you sound like a superlative instructor living your own Road to Damascus movie. How do you reconcile american capitalism with a christ-like life without invoking John Calvin?

Ken Blanchard

Fr. Andrew: I think Creation science is a pretty goofy business. We can agree, I am sure, that the people who believe in it are not inferior beings.

Donald Pay

A lot of satire is directed one way. The best satire is directed both ways. What makes you think this film isn't satirizing everything and everybody? Why assume it's left wing bigotry?

The fact that the two "heros" are comic book nerds ought to give you a hint that maybe you aren't to take these people seriously either. My experience is that the out-there comic book nerds who attend sci-fi conventions would fit nicely in the same loony bin as flat earth Christian fundamentalists. They are both, in your words, "stunted." The foul-mouthed, stoned E.T. may be where evolution is headed "far out" there in space, but I don't know any lefty evolutionist who believes that's where human evolution will go, other than a movie that satirizes parts of current world culture.


As a sci-fi fan and a Christian fundamentalist, I'm afraid I must be doubly stunted. Maybe an Ardipithicus ramidus?

Movies like this aren't much of a threat to the fundamentalist Christian (at least they aren't to me). If the person criticizing you is acting like an ass, it is fairly easy to dismiss his arguments and opinions. Compelling and reasonable arguments offered respectfully are the kind that are truly and constantly tormenting.

Ken Blanchard

Miranda: you are right, of course. This movie is no threat to Christians, nor does it amount to any argument that Christians need to take seriously. It is just offensive.

Donald: I don't know if you've seen the film, but the comic nerds turn out to be heroes. They are presented as the best of humanity. If this movie had treated Muslims and/or immigrants the way it treats Fundamentalist Christians and rednecks, the New York Times would have denounced it and protesters would march around theaters. We are so used to the license to abuse Christians that no one pays attention. I paid attention. This is not because I share the beliefs of the people derided in the film. I do not. I just recognized bigotry when I see it.

a Cohen

Your comments are childish and stupid. The movie is brilliantly written and acted.
Their are more people like them in the movie than there are Religious fanatics on this little planet we share called Earth. If you just shut up and enjoy the movie
you will see that there are are millions of fans that thinks just like the writers
Pegg and Frost. Enjoy the freedom of what we call movies, while we still have freedom of speech and freedom from religion which is what our founding fathers actually wanted.

Ken Blanchard

a Cohen: and you are a moron. The movie was not brilliant by any standard but it was well-acted. It was also bigoted, as I demonstrate. Freedom of speech includes the right to make such a movie. It also includes the right to criticize it. Am I going to fast for you? I thought so.


Suppose a professor of astronomy said, "Some of my students believe the earth is flat. I happen to think it's round, but it's my job to respect their beliefs." Really? It's your job to respect what you know (if you deserve to be called a science teacher) to be false?

What deserves respect is a person's RIGHT to believe whatever he or she wants, not necessarily the beliefs themselves.

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