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Thursday, March 24, 2011


larry kurtz

From the Stars and Stripes, the military's independent source: "Indeed, many in Latin America thought his trip was long overdue. But Obama leaves behind good will in his host countries and leaders buoyed by a sense that his visit brought them and their countries a degree of international validation. By that measure, the trip ends on a successful note."


See? You haven't gotten that SAD treated yet, have you, Doc?


Larry: yes. Measured by things that are not measurable and of dubious value, the trip was a success.

larry kurtz

Appeal his Peace Prize? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/03/23/obama-nobel-peace-prize-revoked_n_839310.html



You mean "Repeal?" And "Yes," he didn't do anything to get it anyway. Can you give us a good explaination why it was given to Obama?

Donald Pay

The only empty man in evidence here is you. Three empty and utterly useless blogs dealing with Libya in a row. Swing and a miss. Swing and a miss. Called out looking. Jump around.

larry kurtz

I meant appeal. Obama has nearly six years left to prove he deserved it. My concern is the potential for a domestic insurgency. The President has to address native suicides and trust issues fast or it's going to blow up.

Ken Blanchard

We went to war and Donald thinks it doesn't deserve three blog posts. I can understand his adoration of Obama.

Donald Pay

If there was anything worthwhile in the blogs, yeah, three blogs would be fine. All you've done so far is jump up and down and whiff on Obama. Got any other thoughts, or hasn't the Republican spin machine told you what to think, yet.


Donald: If war, possible violations of the constitution and calls for impeachment are not news, I rather wonder what you think IS newsworthy.

If I weren't feeling charitable, I might suggest that you were trying to use personal attacks to make up for the fact that you have no real argument or evidence against any of the claims in the past three blogs.

Donald Pay

Way back on March 13 you couldn't make up your mind, and you still can't. The only thoughts on Libya you have are these: you have no idea what to do and you don't like anything that Obama does. You could have said it in one sentence, just like I did there, and then pontificated on what Republicans think are the really issues---NPR and Planned Parenthood funding.

Stan Gibilisco

As a "Gerald Ford" type Republican, or so I fancy myself, I would rate the following issues in descending rank of importance right now:

(1) The economy, and in particular, unemployment

(2) The threat posed by radical Islam

(3) The national debt, deficit, and overspending problems

(4) The looming problem with Medicare and, later down the road, Social Security, caused in large measure by changing demographics

In my opinion, neither party is doing anything substantive to address these problems.

Public radio and Planned Parenthood interest me, but they're lost in the fierce noise of the aforementioned issues.

Given the sensitivity of the situations in the Middle East, I think Obama is doing a pretty good job in Libya, even though the redneck in me wants to stick a smart bomb in Kadhafi's ear, preferably while he's delivering one of his public rants.

Good thing I'm not the President of the United States.


Donald, you are probably right. There are too many blogs here about Libya. I think you should protest by not reading this blog anymore. Perhaps you should even start your own blog and we can all read that. How dare the people here write blogs about things that interest them?


My very Democrat relative-in-law attended the Iowa caucus when Obama won the primary. Even she said at that time Obama was just an empty suit. And that from a Democrat before he completely proved how empty he was and is. Hopefully we only have him for two more years and he can do whatever he wants with his Peace Prize when he retires back to Chicago or wherever. (I could tell him what to do with it, but I digress.)

Donald Pay

I think multi-national corporations, particularly the oil interests, are driving US policy. I don't think anyone in the upper reaches of either the Republican or Democratic regimes in this country really gives a rats ass about democracy as long as some US corporation can make a buck off a fascist or authoritarian regime. Bush cleared Libya of sanctions in 2004. Immediately Halliburton and other companies rushed in. With all the money US corporations were handing over to Libya, they were able to buy mercenaries to put down the popular uprising. Just months before this latest dust up, Obama was preparing to ok the sale of troop carriers to Libya

The only way we are going to stop this nonsense is to destroy the multi-national corporate elite, re-institute real democracy in the Western world, and get the hell off fossil fuels.

Ken Blanchard

Donald and Larry: Bush isn't President. Obama is President.

Donald: you have been a valuable member of this blog's community. I appreciate it. You are always entitled to complain. I do think that my posts on the Libyan War were substantial. I backed them up with references to the New York Times and other liberal sources.

Eugene Robinson, for heaven's sake, asks the same questions I am asking. "Is it just me? Am I the only one who's utterly confused about the rationale, goals, tactics and strategy of the U.S.-led military intervention in Libya?" No, Eugene, it isn't just you. It is pretty much everyone except Donald Pay.

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