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Tuesday, March 08, 2011



Once again the old adage 'There are few things in life more tragic than to see your beautiful theories murdered by a gang of brutal facts' is affirmed. It must be truly sad in the White House to see theory after theory die in such ignomious fashion.


It is easy to make promises when you have no responsibility.

It is difficult to keep promises based on principle when the responsibility is yours.

Time and Time again this President throws principle to the wind and chooses the path of least resistance.


What's really sad is the country has to pay the price for the White House's murdered theories...


Sadder yet William is that the country duly elected and put a hapless theorist in the White House

larry kurtz

Ken: I could kiss you; thank you for affirming President Obama's commitment to normalizing relations with Cuba! It's sneaky, I'll give you that; but, The Right is too stupid to see it coming.

"Beyond the headlines, however, exists a deep history of unresolved issues associated with Guantanamo Bay's U.S. Naval Base, itself merely the tip of a 47 year political iceberg. The idea of conceding the base at Guantanamo Bay back to Cuba, which the U.S. gained control of in the 1903 U.S.-Cuba Pact, has, as of late, gained traction in Latin America and throughout the world. It would certainly standout as an act of generous goodwill by the US, and could potentially result in a range of reciprocal positive actions from Cuba."



You maybe ought to refrain from kissing him full on the mouth just yet Larry. In your euphoria you apparently missed where the article said ...

"However, President Obama is very well aware of the many complex issues arising from such a gesture. There are numerous considerations which Cuba would need to address ... remedy its policy on human rights ... adopt an acceptable version of democracy ... release of political prisoners ... restitution of outstanding Cuban confiscated property claims ... restitution of US Corporate interests and properties ... restitution to the families of Brothers to the Rescue over Cuba's fatal downing of two search planes ... and a series of other Cuban misdeeds."

In fact Larry, I bet every American President - even the evil Republican ones - would have normalized relations with Cuba if they were willing to step up to the list of wrongdoing in the article you cited.

Did you really miss all that in the article? Or were you trying to pull the wool over ol' Ken's eyes?

More curious as to why you are so fired up in love with guys that commit the litany of sins listed in the article ...

Just wondering ...



Larry could care less about Cuba......His one trick pony can only do hate America first tricks.

larry kurtz

The 800-pound white guerrilla in the rheum.

larry kurtz

Think of it as propinquitous fungibility, Bill.

George Mason

Larry always provides positive confirmation that liberalism is politics for the simple minded.

larry kurtz

The Liberals won't touch me, GM. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4e3-YK3rVA

Ken Blanchard

Larry: you are welcome to post on this blog. You make me look balanced and reasonable, and you certainly add color. Though I find your cryptic comments wearisome and your occasional tendency to make unfounded comments about my character offensive, I'm a big tent kind of guy. However, you are strictly forbidden to kiss me.


"However, you are strictly forbidden to kiss me"

Hey Larry.....how about a kiss where the sun don't shine?

Please.......and Thank You!

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