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Friday, February 11, 2011



KB Do you really think fining an organization $18,250 a year for failure to disclose information - with absolutely no personal repurcussions for the person working for the organization who decides to keep the info secret - will whip the bureaucrats into compliance? Exactly which agency will see that fine as worrisome? The "state agencies, counties, cities, school districts and other government organizations" spend more than that every year at Staples for new red tape dispensers.

Ken Blanchard

Bill: actually, I do. It's not only the money but the annoyance that is involved. If you ask me whether the bill's sanctions should be stronger, I would say yes. I would rather have this one than nothing.


Time will tell, I suppose ...and no doubt you are right in saying it is better than nothing. Still, I have a hard time seeing the threat of having to pay a fine of $50 as much of a motivator - especially since the $50 is other people's money.

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