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Saturday, February 12, 2011



Paul Ryan is about as conservative as Reagan...talks about it but he increased the size and role of Govenrment with his Big Government votes in Congress.

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It's interesting because there are so many similarities between this guy and Reagan...both can talk well but they sure don't deliver. Of course now that Obama is in office Ryan is conservative again...until he advances his political career and then back to his old tricks..

Donald Pay

There wasn't a coherent economic policy during the Reagan administration, so the fed ran the show. Reagan was pretty limited in his understanding of the economy, and his economic team had differing views. The tax cutters were at war with the budget cutters.

Ken Blanchard

Donald: you have no clue what you are talking about. Every administration has such "wars". It's the job of a President to decide which side wins. Reagan did that.

larry kurtz

Ronald Reagan's legacy will alway be viewed through the lens of the Iran-Contra scandal. He raised taxes like a socialist:



Larry: no, it won't. Iran-Contra has been largely forgotten already. Suggesting that that is more memorable than the fall of the Berlin Wall suggests a deeply jaundiced imagination.

Bill Clinton and the cigar however...



"He raised taxes like a socialist"

No...he was a Net Tax Cutter.

Rates in 1980 for Single
0.0% $0 $2,300
14.0% $2,300 $3,400
16.0% $3,400 $4,400
18.0% $4,400 $6,500
19.0% $6,500 $8,500
21.0% $8,500 $10,800
24.0% $10,800 $12,900
26.0% $12,900 $15,000
30.0% $15,000 $18,200
34.0% $18,200 $23,500
39.0% $23,500 $28,800
44.0% $28,800 $34,100
49.0% $34,100 $41,500
55.0% $41,500 $55,300
63.0% $55,300 $81,800
68.0% $81,800 $108,300
70.0% $108,300

Rates in 1988 for Single

15.0% $0 $17,850
28.0% $17,850 - (a)

(a) A 33% "rate bubble" applied between $71,900 and $149,250 for married filing jointly, between $35,950 and $113,300 for married filing separately, between $43,150 and $89,560 for singles, and between $61,650 and $123,790 for heads of households, the purpose being to recapture the revenue that upper-income taxpayers had saved by applying the 15% rate.

Mark Anderson

Volcker was appointed by Carter in 1979. I know it ails any conservative to give Carter's "failed" presidency credit for anything, but perhaps you could overcome this shortcoming. After his success Volcker was let go by Reagan in 1987.


It definitely sounds as if Samuelsson is all over the place..

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