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Saturday, February 12, 2011



As woeful as Obama''s economic thinking has been, there is nowhere that his complete lack of qualification to be President is more apparent than in foreign policy. It is beyond ironic and just plain hypocritical that the left bashes Sarah Palin for her lack of international kowledge and experience when Obama knows and has done even less. And it speaks volumes about the man that he appointed an equally unqualified Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State. That call was 100% political to keep her supporters on the Democratic reservation, and to garner the support of her formerly influential husband. So with Mutt and Jeff leading the way, and a gaggle of liberal academic, 'blame America first, and her long standing allies next' theorists in the background whispering advice in their ears, and no one in the gang having ever ventured out of the United States enough to see the world as it really is, we get the dangerous, inconsistent, and wholly ineffective leadership you described.

larry kurtz

You two should get a room.


You want foreign policy failure? Think Bush(s).

Donald Pay

I can't disagree too much with anything said here here. Obama gave a great speech in Cairo, but his Administration never openly pressed the Egyptian leadership too hard for improvements. In a way, I suspect the Obama was talking over the heads of the Arab leaders to the Arab street. I don't think Obama or anyone else saw change in the Arab world happening this quickly. I suspect they were mostly concerned with what would happen when Mubarak died, and how that might be the time to make changes. They weren't ready for a bottom up revolution.


Larry ... any specifics - or just knee jerk slam a Republican when anyone finds fault with one of your buddies?

larry kurtz

If ip had half the brains Bob Ellis has, one aspiration is counterweight. Since his pile is far larger than ip's his rant is copy and paste-able at will. So is Ken's.

So, yeah; knee-jerk slam pretty much slams it.

Ken Blanchard

Larry: who is ip?

larry kurtz

Ken, ip is a 7 foot tall Fourth World Lesbian with a licence to quill standing against white rule in an american West where Lake Agassiz, Lake Bonneville, and Lake Missoula still exist. She's a woman praying to Wakan Tanka that she will be upwind of the Yellowstone supervolcano as it cleanses the Great Plains of cattle, hogs, republican, mormmings, and christians and restore pre-Columbian Earth.

It's the same thing Bob Ellis wants with a few inconvenient differences.

Mark Anderson

Obama came out perfectly on Egypt. What exactly are you talking about with your criticisms. Realpolitic or neo-conservative? Where the hell are Republicans on this issue, all over the place. Perhaps we should look at that.

Ken Blanchard

Larry: wow. Is there a link for this "7 foot tall Fourth World Lesbian"?

Mark: the Obama Administration was "all over the place" on this issue. Did you miss the VP's remarks quoted above? I tried to be fair. This one would have vexed any administration.

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