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Saturday, January 22, 2011


larry kurtz

"Red state within a white state within a red state" doesn't quite have the same punch, innit?

larry kurtz

This ARE solutions states, feds, and TRIBES can pursue, Doc:



larry kurtz



How about doing away with the whole miserably failed reservation system and separte nation within a nation concept. Native Americans are just that, Americans. It would eliminate the confusing duplicated legal and police systems, eliminate the entitlement and dependency attitude that has been created by the reservation system, improve the business atmosphere in those areas, and improve the lives of the Native Americans. I have friends who teach at a boarding school for Native Americans in SD. Some of the students do okay, most don't have much incentive because they know they can go back to the res and be taken care of whether or not they apply themselves in school. This whole system just breeds more and more dependency and despondency. Get rid of it.

Donald Pay

Doing away with the reservation system (termination) was tried in the 1950s on several reservations. It failed.

The article in Harper's brings forth information that people in South Dakota should have known for years. When Carol Maiki was a state senator, she was able to shine a light on the issue, but no one wanted to deal with it. By the way, abuse and sexual assaults are not just a problem on the reservation. The law enforcement issues are just a little more complicated.

Here's one solution to the poverty on reservatons: the US government lives up to the treaties it signed. Let's just look at one area. The power generated by the Missouri River dams in South Dakota is generated with water given by treaty to the Sioux tribes. Why isn't the government providing some sort of payment to tribes for use of that water?


Yep, the reservation system creates legal nightmares for law enforcement and the prosecution of crime. Yet, it is always under the radar, whether we have a Democrat in the WH or a Republican.


Thanks to all for the comments. Lynn: It may be that the reservation system has been very bad for Native Americans. I don't know the law on these matters, but I suppose that treaties are laws, and reservations exist as a result of treaties. I agree with Donald that abolition is not in the cards.

Larry: you confirm my point. Your references are interesting, but I can scarcely believe that any of the policies they focus on would fundamentally change the conditions on the reservations. Native Americans are not creatures of White America.

larry kurtz

Here is another perspective, Doc: http://www.hcn.org/blogs/goat/sexual-assault-on-the-rez

Ken Blanchard

Thanks Larry. That is a useful summary of the issue.


Lot of useful points are there. Its really keeps me updated.

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