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Saturday, November 27, 2010



At his best!

larry kurtz

This guy is great! Hey, Barnes! I need my bumps felt!


Historically all that Nigel Farage's UKIP required is that the people of the U.K. be given a referendum on the UKs continued membership of the EU - which seems fair enough in a democracy. As this is currently being denied UKIP is becoming more than a single issue political party and is growing in confidence and intellectual capital. It has many excellent practical policies and an intelligent and realistic manifesto (with the referendum as its corner stone). The longer the referendum is denied to the people, the stronger UKIP will become.

The seemingly obvious reason the referendum is being denied is because it will certainly result in a NO vote.

As the financial breakdown of the EU continues, Europe is rapidly reaching a tipping point, where once one of it's major members withdraws (likely Germany) the EU will collapse and it's ruling elite rejected.


William: yes, that is the heart of the business. The Eurocrats have persistently circumvented referendums because they would lose them. They are oligarchs.

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