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Sunday, November 21, 2010



Perhaps one of the reasons the movie captures the book as well as it does has to do with the author being part of the production. As I recall, she had veto power on what they did in the movie. Sometimes authors see their "babies" turned into something completely different from what they had in the first place. Your example of Bond is a great example. I doubt Ian Fleming would recognize his character. I never read many of the books, but I did read the Spy Who Loved Me. I think that was all the book and the movie had in common.


I guess we can agree on a couple of things Dr. Blanchard - I have loved the books and can't wait for the final movie this spring!


The truth of the matter, Travis, is that we agree on almost everything. We are just more interested in the disagreements. Yes, the Potter series was grand.

Dugger: the author's power was not altogether beneficial when it came to the books themselves. They needed editing, but after the third book (the best, in my opinion), she was too powerful to edit. The movies may be another story. I think that the time constraints served as editor, and the force of the story did the rest.


Well, Dr. Blanchard, I really do not know much about the need for editing books. I pretty much just read them and if I like them I do and if not, I don't. When she wrote the first book, I believe she was a person with very little experience of writing.
The story is aimed at people who are rather young readers and that shows in the books. This is a series that was wildly popular and successful. It met the expectations of the target audience and got a whole lot of people reading books that were a lot bigger than most kids that age read. Perhaps if it had some editing, the books would have been better and even more successful. But on the other hand, how much more successful would they have been? I would not even think about telling Rowlings how to fix her books.

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