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Saturday, November 06, 2010


Sam Hurst

I do not know why the Democratic Party ran no one against John Thune. But if it was a conscious decision, I think it was brilliant...perhaps the only smart thing Democrats did this election. My sense of political tactics was shaped by Sun Tzu's Art of War, and I am not much of a fan of sheep-to-slaughter campaigns. I fail to see the nobility in fighting an expensive, brutal, losing battle in order to tell the folks back home that you died with your boots on and your six gun blazing. The most painful question facing Democrats in South Dakota is not that they are unable to field a candidate against Thune, or elect anyone to the state legislature. The most painful question is why they will now fold up their campaign offices, cancel the town halls, and go to sleep for two years. Now is the time to organize, not a year and eight months from now. If Dems want to field viable candidates against Thune or anyone else, they need to exist between elections, not just down the tragic stretch.


Perhaps the Democrats can use the next 2 years to determine exactly what they are and what they stand for. At present, they appear to be for an overwhelming large central government, unrestrained spending and a diverse collection of special interests with little in common with each other except for government dispersed favors.

Donald Pay

Perhaps no one could be convinced to run against Thune. SD Democrats are too tentative in putting themseves forward. Pressler spent an extra term in office because Tim Johnson waited to run against him for six years. Among other things had Tim run and won six years earlier, we might not have had to deal with FOX News. There wouldn't have been a Pressler in office to be bought off by Murdoch.

I can't figure out why SHS didn't have the guts to run against Thune. She might have lost? So, instead, she loses to Palin-lite with the Bill Janklow speeding record. Probably a good idea to send Noem to Washington, where she'll be off South Dakota's highways.

Anyway, SHS isn't the type of candidate that might have a chance against Thune. You need a Wellstone-type, a grappler, rather than a hoopster, someone from the SD grassroots who will would call attention to Thune as a darling of Washington elites and the C-Street cabal.

People who were dumb enough to vote against Democrats because they couldn't pull the country out of Bush's Great Recession in two years pretty much deserve what they are gonna get from Republicans.

Stace Nelson

Is it irony or hypocrisy when the bitter left derides President Bush for supposedly being a bumbling inept leader and then claims he is to blame for the legislation rammed through by a Democratic controlled Congress for the last two years of his term?

Again the excuses... As long as the lesson of 2010 has not been learned, the American people will have more to say in 2012...


A main reason that SHS lost was that she blew us off during the health care concerns last summer. She, contrary to what she claims with her two meetings in the state BEFORE the people were concerned about health care, did not meet with people in town halls, in discussions, in whatever when they wanted her ear regarding their health care bill concerns. She didn't want to listen to us, she didn't even want to talk with us this year after debates, basically she just wanted us to leave her alone so she could do what was "best for SD." Well, now we have done that. We voted for who was "best for SD" and that is Kristi Noem and her beliefs. A good lesson for all congress people to remember! Doing what is "best for SD" is much more than a line; it is listening, caring, having an office staff that will answer questions and concerns, stating positions instead of holding a finger to the wind.

Pierre A Tedd

Jimmy Buffet's MargaRETville ???? It's Buffett with two T's and MargaRITAville. Looks like someone's been drinking too much tequila. Ay chihuahua... Journalism is dead.


Thankss Ted

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