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Saturday, October 23, 2010



The ads about Noem’s speeding showing children in the background shows how desperate they are getting. Are they implying that Noem’s speeding will result in children being ran over and killed? Shades of Bill Janklow. But I digress. Herseth claims to have helped a wounded soldier receive better care. It’s not in her job description or is it? Her ‘job’ is making laws and seeing them passed as her staff states in letters addressed to Herseth Sandlin. Stephanie picks and chooses who she will help with difficulties with federal agencies. Certainly the Justice Department ignoring identity theft going on for 5 years using the child’s identity qualifies. But apparently she does not want to upset any one. Using fake social security numbers for 12 years in bank fraud, check kiting, no account checks, credit card fraud and bank fraud is not the Justice Department’s concern? You know why? Because State officials like Daugaard are covering up corrupt Judges that actually run South Dakota. Not the governor’s office for sure. Federal laws were sent to Stephanie and her staff with the question why is it allowed that federal laws can be broken, blatantly, because Chief Justice David Gilbertson has an ax to grind? The State Bar and SD Judicial Qualifications Commission do nothing about corrupt State Judges.
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin is a poor person to represent the average South Dakotan. When she gets voted out watch her move to Texas or maybe get a job is State Government.
On a different note would you want to be served at a bar by a known identity thief who could memorize your check information or credit card/debit card information?

larry kurtz

Thank you for posting the DCCC ad again, Doc. Great piece, huh?

Jason, your plea for anarchy makes for some great peepshow material. No matter, three Hail Marys ought to cover it.

Hey! Democracy is a messy deal. Hiring the best lawyer for the job usually wins the case.


You're welcome, Larry. The ad is in fact a great piece, if its purpose was to drive the last nails into the coffin of the SHS campaign. It is so over the top as to look mean and desperate at the same time.

larry kurtz

Mr. Meidinger. Care to comment on Mrs. Noem's chances? Maybe you could take a moment and speculate on your own role as a potential Chief of Staff.

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