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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Wayne Fiebick

There is no Holmes other than Basil Rathbone.


Since you mention being a fan of the Granada series with Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes, I thought you might find this website interesting: http://www.bafta4jb.com

POed Lib

Rathbone was a terrible Holmes. The Watson was a bumbling fool, Holmes a vain poppycock. The Brett was very good indeed.

Tonight (11/7) began on a terrible false note, where Holmes was CORRECTING the English of a criminal. Terrible, just awful. Holmes would be totally indifferent to English. In addition, Holmes assumed disguises and blended with the criminal class. A serious error in characterization.


I'm with POed Lib, sort of. Rathbone brought Holmes to a lot of people, and without his movies the cannon might be largely unknown. But he was a mere ghost of the original.


I have never much cared for Holmes on screen, though I do like the books.
Nevertheless, I happened upon Sherlock on Masterpiece Mystery accidentally and ended up enjoying it more than I would have anticipated. Now I see why! I had not realized Moffat was involved.

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