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Saturday, August 07, 2010



I was most struck by "Thirty-six percent (36%) view Herseth-Sandlin as a liberal. But 30% say she's moderate, while another 30% label her as conservative"

That near equal split in the perception of her is remarkable.

To some extent this is probebly an indication that one man's liberal is another man's conservative. Whether I think you are liberal or conservative depends a lot on where I sit. Anyone to my left is a liberal and anyone to my right is a conservative.

But I have to believe it is also reflective of Herseth-Sandlin being more of a politician than a principled leader. She tries to be everything to everyone and ends up not being much of anything to anyone.


BillW: I suspect you are right about that. Sometimes triangulating works. Sometimes you just end up in three pieces.


I think this "blended" perception of SHS will ultimately work against her this year, as she will find it much more difficult to be "all things, to all people" in this race. As some voters inevitably realize she's NOT the conservative/moderate they thought she was, their support will fade.

Senator Franken certainly undermined her conservative/moderate persona with this quote from yesterdays visit to Pine Ridge: "She has voted differently than I voted on a couple of things, but we need to be able to have somebody here in South Dakota who’s going to vote for Speaker Pelosi, not for Speaker Boehner."

- US Senator Al Franken on Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (RCJ, 8/8/10)

Thanks Al!!!


SHS's problems this year started last year when she essentially blew off her constituents regarding open meetings/town halls to discuss the health care bill. She showed what she thought of us, and now we will show her what we think of her!

And thanks from me too to Al for all the "help" he gave SHS!


To all: I am not sure that HS could have done anything much differently that would have boosted her reelection prospects. In a state where Republicans outnumber Democrats, a Democrat holds onto a House or Senate seat by force of personality. We like Tim Johnson, so he is holding on. We like Stephanie. However,the politics of the last two years forced us to distinguish between HS as a person and HS as a political position. Once that began to happen, she was stuck playing wack a mole. Anything she did to shore up one constituency lost her ground with another.

But William: I love that quote from Franken! Did he really think he was helping? HS is a vote for NP (Nancy Pelosi). If most South Dakotans grasp that fact, HS is out of a job.



One quibble, voters LIKED Tim Johnson when he last ran for re-election, I doubt he would win again, as he's been a very reliable vote for Reid in the Senate since then.

Franken, think? Not likely - lol You can be sure that Speaker Pelosi will be a prominent figure in this race.


Another quibble: Voters were more sorry for Johnson last election and his staff did not allow a fair campaign. Any criticism of Johnson was immediately countered with "but he's been sick" etc. This did not allow for a fair discussion of issues and stances, and Johnson thus won. Maybe he would have won with a fair campaign, maybe not, but a fair campaign on the issues was never allowed, and we the voters are now paying the price with this "reliable vote for Reid."


And perhaps just one more quibble? Johnson did not have a truly viable challenger. Joel Dykstra is a nice guy and I believe he could be a good Senator, but he did not have funding to put forth a real campaign.


To all: I dissent slightly. I have met Tim and I liked him. I am sure that that feeling is widely shared in the state, and I doubt that it has changed much. Yes, it was harder to run against Tim Johnson after his illness. My own view is that he should not have run for reelection. But he did and he won.



Senator Johnson's biggest "selling point" has always been his "like-ability" and I don't dispute that, I DO think that he would find it difficult to be re-elected "if we knew than, what we know now". SHS has generally been viewed as "like-able" and, barring any major flaws or mis-steps in Kristi Noem's campaign, I find it unlikely that she'll be re-elected.


Kristi is going to mop the floor with Stephie Herseth-Weasel. Goodby you sack of....

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