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Friday, May 07, 2010



KB, I think you are a little "off on your rocker" on this one. LOL


Guard: Okay. So was Mayor Bloomberg more sane?


LOL...then you on this one, most definitely. He doesn't go around with these kooky conspiracy theories like yourself, but, to each his or her own I say! LOL


Guard: I appreciate your comments, but sometimes you have a hard time reading what is on the screen. I made no charges of conspiracy. I talked about a "blind side". The Left bends over backward to interpret evidence on one side as indicating more than it does, and backward in the other direction to ignore obvious evidence. This isn't something that is planned in back rooms. It is something that happens at the level of synapses. But however you interpret it, I demonstrate the fact.


Nah...not really. LOL


Guard, while not a conspiracy, certainly the administration, it's followers on the left and the MSM are demonstrating a dangerous "group think" that indicates they would rather find damning evidence (that doesn't exist) against their domestic critics than acknowledge the obvious threat of Islamic Jihad.


As the Dems villify the Tea Partiers - who are really nothing more than a widely diverse collection of people unified only by a 'throw the bums out - re-elect nobody' mentality, I can only ask them, after Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Obama's approval rating and the poll numbers in Nevada and elsewhere, in the words of Doctor Phil, "How's it working for you so far?"


These comments above by Bloomberg et al just illustrate with clarity that they are trying any way they can to demean people who disagree with the policies of the present administration. However, these people should stop a second and listen to themselves and to how biased, threatened, idiotic, and yes, even bigoted, their statements make them sound. The harder they try to make villains of people who simply disagree with their policies, the more it is obvious what they are doing and why. They need to wake up to the fact that certain groups DO wish the US ill and not be afraid to state just that. Until then, we have no hopes of defeating these jihadists.


How can you say, "Since not a single act of violence has been traced to the Tea Party?"

Don't you remember the broken windows and the attempted gas leak sabotage at the picnic? Are you saying that in spite of all the violent rhetoric there've been no incidents? It's just not true. Or are you even denying the rhetoric?



What on earth are you referring to?


I think this is all much ado about nothing. LOL


He is referring to is that someone cut the propane line at the home of a Congressman's brothers house shortly after the Tea Party mistakenly released the brother's address as that of the Congressman.

No one associated with the Tea Party ever urged anyone to do anythjing violent and, to my knowledge, no one was ever charged wth tampering with the gas line, and the connection to the Tea Party is all assumed, rather than an established fact.

That pathetic example has been blown up by the left wing lunatic fringe to constitute proof of the violent agenda of the Tea Parties.

It takes someone with a very vivid imagine to equate that with Jihadists planting bombs in Times Square, but the left is nothing if not imaginative. They have to be imaginative, since facts and logic are not on their side in any issue.


Mikeb: You are rather confused about the "gas line" story, as BillW points out. I think you have in mind the brick thrown throw the glass door of a Congressman's office as the other story.

If someone threw a rock through Mickey Kaus' window, could we assume it was Barbara Boxer? Until we have some idea who did these things, we cannot just assume that they were the responsibility of any party or movement.

Stan Gibilisco

If the folks in the "mainstream media" have a Leftist bias (and I think that most of them do), I have to wonder why. Do they not realize what unrestrained government expansion could eventually mean for them? Can they not extrapolate? What sort of society do they actually want to live in?

Do people in the "mainstream media" not know, or care, that if they keep on cheerleading for the Left and the Left thereby gains ever-increasing power, the day may come when they find themselves praising the Left not because they choose to, but because they must?


I do too .it's not union people by and large that are the proelbm. It's union leadeship and those that blindly follow them that are the proelbm. I was a member of the CWA for a couple of years. It wasn't the rank and file folks that were the proelbm it was the dunder headed union heads.


I think that Utah takes it even further than free lunhecs . Its called child care . Children who are not capable of attending school as normal kids do (like walk there, study, participate in discussions etc) are encouraged to (maybe even required) attend. There is a child in our neighborhood that has Down's Syndrome. She cannot talk, is inattentive, not potty trained, is wild acting, like ADD or whatever its called. She has been in the public school since first grade and is now in the third or fourth and since she has not improved at all, there is a paid aid that is assigned to sit with her all day and take care of her. This gives her mother 7-8 hours daily of Elena free time to go shopping, volunteer at the Temple or whatever she wants to do during the school year as long as she is home when school lets out. She has to take care of her during the summer and spring breaks but other than that, she has school funded day care . The lady next door fought all the way to the Governor back about 20 years ago for her daughter who was totally retarded, could not walk or control her body movements, could not talk and was completely non-responsive to anything and Marie wanted her to be allowed to go to the public school. She ended up at 14 or so in a home because they could no longer take care of her, but she thought the public school owed her an education or baby sitter .I would rather provide lunch than what Utah does. However, I agree, take away the free lunch or even the paid ones and make them carry lunch or go hungry. There are exceptions to the parents will make sure the kids get something to eat, but if they actually checked, they would find that an awful lot of the free lunhecs should not be (lets not forget the free breakfasts) provided.Good point, SRO, I guess you see it happening.

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