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Wednesday, May 19, 2010



Perhaps related: in 1988, I ran for student body president of Madison High School on an anarchist platform, advocating abolition by plebiscite of the student council. I also wrote a senior government paper advocating anarchism.


Cory: at what point were you corrupted?


Does that mean, KB, you prefer anarchy over liberalism?

Stan Gibilisco

Cory, I'll go ya one better. In college I concocted a form of government in which every single controversy, every single issue, would be decided in a court of law on a case-by-case basis.

A government not of "laws" but of "men."

I never seriously advocated that system, I guess, but in college, I never seriously advocated anything.


A.I.: yes, in the same way that I would prefer fighting vampires a handful at a time to fighting waves of zombies. In general, anarchists (real ones) are both more entertaining and more harmless than socialists.

Cory and Stan: I am not about to tell you all the nutty things I believed when I was a lot younger. I will say that for a brief time, in junior high, I considered myself a communist. It alarmed my Grandmother, which was entertainment enough. I

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