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Monday, May 03, 2010



A new book released today uncovers for the first time where and how President Obama first met Weather Underground terrorist-group founder William Ayers,and it is much earlier than previously believed.


Being one who scans such things from left to right, it seems to me you morphed Bush into Obama--a great improvement I must say!


Bob: interesting. What does that mean?

A.I.: it warms my heart to know you still are reading. I'd love to hear more from you. You are right, of course. The image shows Bush morphing into Obama. Is that really what you were hoping for when the Great Hope took office?

I can't help noticing that in one respect Obama has indeed improved upon Bush. Bush, it was incessantly said, alienated world opinion. Obama managed to alienate just those countries that are most friendly to the United States, like Israel and Great Britain. He has bent over backwards to be nice to countries that don't much care for us, like Iran. They don't seem to be warming to the touch. Is there any nation, even one, with which we have better relations under Obama than we had under Bush?


While Obama has had some differences with Netanyahu and Brown, that does not necessarily mean they or the populations of their countries are alienated. U.S. favorability remained high in Israel and had improved markedly in England by last spring according to Pew Research whose polling is included here: http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/archives/individual/2010_04/023402.php

Overall, the U.S. seems to be fairing quite well internationally. And, my bet is Germany and France both have better relations with the U.S. now than under Bush--unless I'm mistaken and Angela Merkel actually wants surprise shoulder rubs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dfrHT8o-0A and both counties secretly wanted to be drug into the Iraq war.


A.I.: Obama has consistently insulted the British government. Sarkozy in France has spoken scathingly of Obama. Since countries meet at the top, relations between governments matter more than popular opinion in each country. I don't know of any nation that we have better relations with under Obama than under Bush. Certainly none of the nations mentioned above. As for Germany, Bush and Merkel had a very strong relationship.


that when ever all other possibilities have been eamniilted that what ever remains no matter how unlikely it is must be true. There seem to be three possibilities here. Bush is either secretly a Democrat and, as such, seeks to undermine all things Republican, he really is not the brightest light in the harbor, or he knows that supposedly private conversations can and will be leaked to the media but he has these conversations any way because he wants to do his best to help the incoming Administration succeed. If the Obama administation fails, America fails. Its that simple. I think the thinking of the Bush Administration comes down to wanting the incoming Administration to succeed. I think as flawed as Bush's character is and it is VERY flawed he deeply cares about the country. As such, he has two options here. He can seek to withhold vital information from the incoming President and his staff or he can hold frank discussions with them about the issues even though it will be leaked to the press. By having candid discussions with the incoming President and his staff he gives them a greater chance of succeeding. What the President might try to do is to explain to the American people why a free trade agreement with Columbia is important. In other words, take on the news media head on. As it is right now, the media has defined the story as though Obama and his staff are heroic and Bush is being petty by wanting a free trade agreement with Columbia. As it is right now, Columbia is a beleagured ally that is surrounded by hostile powers. If we don't try to help them, they will be forced into the embrace of the new up coming power of Venezuela. Is this how to treat an ally or someone who is thinking about being an ally? Their reward for being friendly with the United States is for the Democrats to use them as a political football in their war on the Bush Administration and Republicans. Truly disgraceful. Bush and his team should at least make an effort to point this out to the American public.

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