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Saturday, May 08, 2010



Deep red conservative here. If Mickey K makes the general, I would seriously consider voting for him.


He would make a very interesting Senator!

Gregory Koster

In any choice between Kaus and Carleton S. Fiorina the despoiler of Hewlet-Packard go for the Mickster. Let Carly join the Democrats, her natural party.


I say the eyebrows alone are worth the endorsement. A guy with more hair over his eyes than on his head would be a great addition to the Sunday morning political talk show circuit.


Gregory: I wouldn't mind waiting to see who wins that one!

BillW: I enthusiastically concur. Those are world class eyebrows! I would note that Kaus would be very entertaining on the talk shows for a lot of reasons. If you never saw Kaus on bloggingheads.tv, you have no idea. You can find some clips of Kaus on that site.

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