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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Stan Gibilisco

A president who might veto parts of his own brainchild! I gotta like Mr. Obama for that. He's quite a guy.

I still don't care for the behavior of the current administration in regards to the budget and spending.

Last night Dick Morris predicted, in effect, that the November elections will constitute a blowout of unprecedented proportions. We'll see!

As for cheap medical insurance, that's great -- as long as the company comes through when you need it. Let the buyer beware.


Now that it has been shown the numbers were way off when this was passed, will Senator Johnson admit he made a mistake in supporting this monstrosity and be willing to vote to repeal it?


Will Johnson admit he make a mistake in voting for this???? I'm falling off my chair laughing so hard!

This entire thing is a fiasco and a good lesson in gov't corruption and thuggery. Hey, Washington, the people are awake even if you aren't!


This makes Obama the worst kind of Chicago politician. Nothing worse than a politician who won't stay bought after he has been paid.


I hope you did not get hurt, Lynn.


"the Persians said of the Athenian fleet at Salamis: yeah, they're pretty small boats. But damn, there are a lot of them!"

Actually the Persians had roughly 1,200 boats aganst a fleet of 200 or so for the Greeks at Salamis, and the boats were pretty comparable in size and design. The huge storm after the first day leveled the field a bit, but the Greeks were heavily outnumbered all along.

More likely it was a Greek who said, "But damn, there are a lot of them!"


BillW: Okay, trying to confuse me with facts, are you? You are right, of course. But the Athenians were masters of strategy, and in the narrow straights I am guessing that the Persians thought there were way damn too many Greek ships. Thanks for keeping me honest.


Any time Ken. Most of the important stuff goes way over my head, but I am hell on useless trivia.


Of course, of the people who oppose Obamacare, 10% to 15% oppose it because they wanted single payer or a public option, not because they're siding with Republicans. Unlike Republicans, who believe Obamacare goes too far, there are those who oppose Obamacare because they feel it doesn't go far enough.

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