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Thursday, March 04, 2010



I cited your blog on the front page of Conservapedia. Nice post! You can see the citation here: http://www.conservapedia.com/Main_Page


I think there's another reason Americans have lost confidence in government: Republicans. I read an interesting article in Time last week that said the Republicans strategy in the 90s was to stop government from funtioning and then point out that the government wasn't working (while a Democrat was in the White House). Republicans are the anti-government party so making government not work for the people prooved successful for them.

That what I see happening now. Why are Republicans voting against all of President Obama's agenda? Even on their own ideas? Because if they can stop our government from working and then point out that it's not working because of President Obama, then they think they'll score big in November. And they're probably right.

And that makes me mad. I want my government to work and it's not working right now. I think it's a good thing that people in Congress are trying to change the filibuster. Because what if Republicans take over Congress and then the Democrats start to prevent all of their policies from happening? Are we now in an endless cycle of frozen government? Something needs to change.


Tom: Excellent analysis, here. I would only add that the GOP under Gingrich's leadership in the mid 90's forced a showdown and basically shut down government. It didn't really work then, and let's hope it doesn't work now.

George Mason

KB and Tom; The shut-down occurred because Clinton wouldn't sign the budget. Issuing a veto instead. He then signed virtually the identical bill the next week. Clinton got what he wanted and the compliant media parroted Clinton's line and blamed the Republicans. Clinton went on claim that he balanced the budget while screaming that the Republicans were cutting programs. The media and other liberals were incapable of making the connection.


Tom: When George W. proposed partially privatizing Social Security, what did the Democrats do? Offer their own solutions to fixing the long term fiscal problems of the program? No. They adopted a simple rule: find out what Bush is doing and make him stop.

Of course the Democrats were genuinely opposed to privatizing SS. The Republicans today are genuinely opposed to socializing American health care. Let's be honest: both parties have played their part in convincing Americans that their government isn't working.

But all this isn't the reason that Americans have suddenly become worried about it. It's the $10 trillion deficit that the Obama Administration is planning on adding to the public debt over the next ten years. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that they are skeptical about a new one or two or three trillion dollar health care program.

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