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Thursday, February 25, 2010



But the quality of the thinking that generated the "astrological" palaver is the same as that which claims we should not worry our little heads over climate change.
The scientific data cannot be wished away. And science is a suitable subject for the classroom.


Anon: anyone can make mistakes with a couple of words, regardless of the quality of one's thinking. Scientific data can in fact be wished away, provided one is prepared to manipulate it to show what it does not in fact show. That is what climate scientists have done. One can also hide the data, refuse to release it to examination by other scientists. When that isn't enough, one can make bold claims about glaciers disappearing and sea levels rising which are based on no data at all.

Stace Nelson

Spot on and well said. A very apt reminder that our American English has the capacity to be appropriately precise and that such dictum should employ such verbiage of specificity. If so fortunate as to warrant such accountability, I am praying that my time and effort will be rewarded with exact prose.

Mark Anderson

I'm very glad you are in support of politicians deciding what should be taught in Science classes. It's much to important an issue to let scientists decide.

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