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Saturday, December 19, 2009



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If the Democrats are successful in reconciling the bills and pass this "historic achievement", they will likely suffer an even more historic loss in 2010 when the GOP runs on a platform of overturning it.

What support for this remains appears to be from those that aren't really paying attention. When the costs kick in and the supposed benefits don't, the dissatisfaction with Congress will be overwhelming.

The Democrats are succeeding in uniting the public, if only against their leadership.

George Mason

The Argus-Leader today has articles detailing the failings of the Indian Health Service. Being the Argus, they missed the relevance, that what they witnessed on the reservations, is government health care. This is what the entire population of our country can look forward to being the ultimate reality after the Democrats have run private health insurers and private health care out of business. What you see on the reservations is what you get in countries with socialized medicine. The Argus of course provided the standard liberal response, "throw more money at it." As with Medicare and Medicaid, we have been throwing ever increasing sums of money at programs that eat up ever increasing sums in bureacracy and keep accelerating towards bankruptcy.

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