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Sunday, December 06, 2009



From my observations over the years the positions and reservations of the principles at that meeting had been worked out by their staffs prior to the meeting. I don't believe this was an impromptu meeting. I would consider it prudent that the President would ask each individual if he was in agreement--this was an opportunity for a principle to raise an issue or state a position that he did not feel had been adequately addressed--sort of a speak now or hold your peace. This in warfighting terms is a deliberative decision process--most military operational planning uses this methodology. So I'm not surprised nor concerned by the events described in the WaPo story. This process is in contrast to an urgent decision process where you must react quickly. Rarely is a President a party to an urgent decision process--the last one that comes to mind is President Bush's response in the early hours of 9/11.

I would have liked the WaPo story to have given some good insight into how they intend to achieve the mission. The Soviets tried for many years and failed. I suspect that intense discussions took place examining all aspects as to how to be successful occurred behind the scenes in the months leading up to the decision. This is the untold story. I guess I'll just wait for the book and history to play out.


GeneK: whatever the President was doing, he wasn't "acting quickly." All I have to go on is the WaPo story. It is clearly written with sympathy to the President, but the way it describes the final decision is very disturbing. The President is supposed to make the final decision.

What this sounds like is that everyone at the table agreed to endorse the same view because, if they didn't, no decision would have been made at all. That explains all the false starts along the way where we were told that the President had decided to decide what to do in Afghanistan, and then were told that no decision would be forthcoming.


I wish republicans would stop complaining they spent trillions and got us in this deficit and never slowed down every decision pres. Obama makes they dont like lets all come together we are becoming the divided states of america give him a chance

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