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Wednesday, December 09, 2009



Ok so Obama won the Nobel, well that’s very Nobel of him. Look I don’t think we could expect Him to go around in Norway like he’s on show at a carnival, He is the President after all, but hey not respecting an invite from a King that is serious… I found this informative though…


Billy: A President that could find time to lobby the Olympic Committee on behalf of Chicago could find time to lunch with the King of Norway. This is a country that has stood as an ally for a long time. If he couldn't find time to observe the proprieties, then he shouldn't have showed up at all. That's common sense.


Man pres. Obama cant win for losing they hate him for winning now found something else to cry about nothing would have been said if bush or chaney would have won it atleast he is trying to make a difference for the usa


Will: try English for a change. By the way: I do not hate Obama. So far, he has been more fun that I ever imagined.

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