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Wednesday, December 30, 2009



...and GWB's failures in his first year allowed the 9/11 attackers to fill 3000 people and do billions of dollars of damage to the economy. Ease back on the throttle, Ken.

George Mason

Cory; To paraphrase Obama, Bush inherited a mess created by Clinton. The Clintonites created the rules blocking the FBI and CIA from sharing the information that may have averted 9/11. (Some believe this was done to avoid the revelation of Clintons deals with the Chinese.)Bush rectified this through the Patriot Act (flawed though it may be). Obama wants to dismantle the Patriot Act. That along with the pre-9/11 approach to dealing with terrorists will leave us vulnerable. The question for Obama is how come his pledge to close Gitmo didn't result in the cessation of terrorist activity that he promised it would?


Cory: instead of staring at my dashboard, maybe you should look at the road. I limited direct criticism of the President to his initial reaction. You will acknowledge that that was a disaster? I also indicate that G.W. shares the blame, and that the problem goes deeper than the present Administration.

It is indicative that the Obama Administration and its defenders still want to talk more about the Bush Administration than about the issues at hand. After a year, this indicates a serious avoidance problem.

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