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Friday, November 13, 2009



I've suggested that the Presidential election in 2012 consist of a 1/2 court, one on one, winner take all basketball competition.

I'll take odds on a Thune presidency, in that case =|;)


KB: Thanks for posting this, I missed it earlier in the day. The GOP could do far worse (see Palin, Sarah) in 2012; I think a reasonable wager would be Thune on the bottom of the GOP ticket.
William: That depends on the style of basketball that is played ;-).


William: it would be a much watched game!

Eric: All one can say is that John would make a pretty good candidate. I think that was Brook's point. As for his candidacy, that is another matter. I have no idea what forces would align themselves behind it.


Come on guys,obama can't even throw a baseball. He bowled a 37, his athletic prowess is very exaggerated. Thune could spot him 10 points going to 20 and
still beat him by 15. Now I wouldn't bet against Michelle, that's a statuesque
first lady.


I would post letters from John Thune but he must be too frightened to respond. A woman is committing federal crimes and State Judges are condoning it. Evidently laws in SD are for honest people. Yankton Sheriff's report about how she was using a minor child's identity. Bring back amendment E and the truth.

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