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Thursday, October 29, 2009


George Mason

Obama has more likely been studying the domestic political poles than the situation in Afghanistan. The opportunity to hand the enemy a decisive defeat is at hand. With Pakistan committing to defeating the Taliban in the western provinces (the hammer), the allies in Afghanistan should be moving aggressively against them in the eastern provinces of Afghanistan (the anvil). We are unable
to adequately support the Pakistani's on our side of the border because our
C-in-C is to busy playing golf, going to broadway shows and attending fund raisers. Instead of listening to his military commanders Obama is listening to

Cliff Hadley

You've got to wonder about Obama's priorities. Health care is a crisis that requires all-out effort. Deciding how to proceed against jihadists sworn to kill us all is something to be delayed and ultimately "managed." Disgusting.


I agree in part and dissent in part. This might be the moment to crush militants in Afghanistan and Pakistan. But the President's problem is not such distractions as golf or healthcare reform. If he has a problem, and it seems he does, it is an inability to make a decision is such cases.

George Mason

You are correct KB. The golf, fundraising, etc. is the perception. Obama has
always tried to sidestep issues. He has almost gotten away with it too often. To go back to the FNC controversy, it was again FNC that raised the Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayres, ACORN, etc. connections. Obama's initial response was a classic "I
saw, heard, and did no evil." He allowed his cohort in congress to run wild with the "Stimulus" bill. He keeps blowing with the wind on the healthcare bill(s). He always seems to be hoping someone else will deal with the issue at hand and his friends in the media will not hold him accountable. Once again with Afghanistan
he seems to be hoping it will just all go away.

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