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Friday, October 09, 2009



The Noble Prize lost all of it's credibility years ago. This was intended as a slap at the United States in general and at GWB specifically as it was with Gore's in '07 and Carter's in '02. What can be said about an award that doesn't even recognize achievements in mathematics or that denied Mahatma Ghandi the Peace Award numerous times (5?). Not much


Actually it's NobEl Prize, not Noble Prize, but that's not the point. IMO, anyone who can get Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity to agree with Hamas, the Taliban, the Iranian Regime, and Al Quaeda deserves the Nobel Prize in Peace.

BTW, he's already started to eliminate nuclear weapons, something Reagan said he'd try to do until Thatcher talked the MX missle up to him, after that, the talk of complete nuclear disarmament was over.

Has he actually accomplished anything? Actually, yes. The way the world looks at us is different, especially those of our allies that we ran over for the past 8 years. Obama's worldview of American greatness is rooted in the ideology that America can lead as part of the world, but not in spite of it.


This morning when I heard the news of the award--I felt good. Proud of my country. Proud of our President. I seem to be out of step with a lot of folks---maybe I'm living in an alternative universe. I don't mind viewing events with a critical eye--but is it too difficult to just enjoy good news--at least wait until the ink is dry.


GeneK: if Obama was declared a Saint by the Catholic Church, I wouldn't have to wait for additional information to know that a serious mistake had been made. To give the President the world's once most prestigious award because he made everyone feel better cheapens the award and is no reason for anyone to be proud.

Saladdin: "Obama has already started to get rid of nuclear weapons" you say. Really? How many weapons and whose weapons? We'll see if he makes any progress preventing the Iranians from creating more nuclear weapons, but he hasn't yet "started doing" anything with regard to nuclear weapons.

Your history is faulty. Reagan concluded the INF Treaty with the Russians, which resulted in the actual dismantling of nuclear weapons. That is what doing something looks like.


GeneK: What exactly were you proud of him for? This is like awarding a gold medal to a runner who didn't even compete in the race.


I agree with you completely, and thank you for putting it so well. Anyone with a proper ethical compass would recoil from getting this prize right now. On the other hand, it's gotten people's attention off his Olympic defeat so strategically this is probably a good event for him (even though it shouldn't be).

Also I have to repeat somebody else's joke from cyberspace: The Nobel Peace Prize, now available in cereal and cracker jack boxes!


This is why I was proud Miranda. I didn't like it when America was portrayed as a bully--that's not the America I know. The announcement when I read it indicated that to me America was viewed as a statesmen. That made me proud. Enough said.

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