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Thursday, October 15, 2009



How about they do an honest scoring of the bill? This bill has a tax increase that starts right away and "benefits" that do not start until 2013. I would be interested in knowing what the scoring is for the years 2013 to 2023. I would be willing to bet this is no longer a deficit cutting procedure.
Also, part of the way of cost savings, the bill cuts something like $500 billion from Medicare. How is that justified? Those patients will not just go away.
I am also curious as to how they figure the costs to employers will be less. Anything I have read has indicated a higher cost for most people. If employers just keep their benefits the same, I fail to see a savings. If nothing, there will be more spent or employers will just pay the fine and let their employees be on their own.


duggersd: The front-loading of the revenues was, as you indicate, an accounting trick. It gained Baucus a good CBO scoring. That will come back to haunt them later. As for the cuts that are a big part of the book balancing, I agree that they are sheer fantasies. But this whole thing looks like a fantasy to me. Thanks for the comment.

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