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Friday, October 09, 2009



I have a lot of family in Norway that I e-mail back and forth with and they all love President Obama. I like Obama too, but it seems a little early to be getting the Nobel Peace Prize. I would've at least waited until he was deep into his first term, or even at the beginning of his second term. Plus, how many people get the Peace Prize while they're considering ramping up efforts in one of the wars they're fighting.

Though I do think it's awesome that Obama will get his picture in that cool Nobel museum they have in Oslo. If you ever go to Norway, you should really check it out.


The manner in which Obama has continually snubbed our European allies, has only helped to create a new tension and coldness in international affairs. Obama has done NOTHING to promote peace in this world. It appears that the only requirement for winning this prize is to be anti-Semitic, ala Jimmy Carter.

The Norwegians just can't help but love a good Socialist/Marxist. I bet that they can tell you how many pimples Obama's got on his azz.


I am still sitting here with my mouth open in shock. He hasn't been president for a year, and so far he's been all rhetoric, no action. Is that what the Nobel Committee looks for? Or do they assume he will earn the prize in the future somehow? Well, the Peace Prize isn't what it used to be. All the credibility has been stripped away by the Committee.


Thank you all for your comments.

Tom: I think it's a little early too. Of course, that rests on the assumption that the president will later do something prize worthy. If I ever visit Oslo, I'll be sure to stop by the Nobel Museum!

RM: I share your sentiments. So far, Obama seems to have done more to alienate allies than to win friends. I am not sure which of Obama's actions the committee was basing its decision on. Perhaps it is considering a feat of greatness that escaped me.

CB: I think the committee lost credibility some time ago. It did, after all, award the prize to Arafat.

Chris R

An interesting turn of events.

He has done a lot to promote world peace, rid the world of nuclear weapons and to combat global warming. I for one, am happy for news. Now if he would only end Bush's wars.

George Mason

Obama joins Carter and Arafat as worthy awardee's due to their anti-Israel, anti-American rhetoric or their willingness to abide the same. These seem to be
the requisite values for an award that has been devalued to worthless. A far
more worthy man would be Nouri Al Malaki for what he has accomplished in overcoming ancient animosities and holding his country together. Actually
facilitating peace.


Chris R: What has he DONE to promote world peace, rid the world of nuclear weapons, or curb global warming? Is there one less nuclear weapon? Any coherent plan for actually abolishing one nuclear weapon or preventing one from being built? Did he not admit that cap and trade had been tabled? The only concrete thing he has done is to keep fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Does he get the Noble prize for that?



Chris: Like Dr. Blanchard, I am very interested in knowing what Obama has done to deserve the award. How has he promoted world peace? How has he increased cooperation? What has he achieved?

George Mason: I like your idea of giving the award to Malaki. Perhaps he isn't enough of an advocate for international organizations for the committee.


I think the Nobel Prize is an honor for the President and our country. Hopefully, this means we can end the war.


Lisa: you seem to have the relation between cause and effect backwards. You are supposed to get a peace prize because you ended or prevented a war. You don't end or prevent a war because you got the prize. How will this help? Do you suppose that the Taliban or the Pakistanis will be impressed?


Lisa: If being awarded a prize had the effect of causing a president to get something done, one would think winning the presidential election would
have done the trick.

Burt Fisher

Lisa seems to be a spammer who is using an obviously childlike comment to get people to click her name and go to a travel agency website.

I nominate Lisa for the Nobel prize in the category of being deceptive and a fraud.

Oh, wait. That one was already given out.

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